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    [SOLD] 2008 AZTex 12’ Enclosed

    Okay i will keep you posted. I have someone coming to check it out this weekend. If it doesn't go ill let you know.
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    [SOLD] 2008 AZTex 12’ Enclosed

    Okay thanks. So you would be interested in it with no equipment just shelves and counter? I can pull the generator and compressor too.
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    Things you haven't done

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    [SOLD] 2008 AZTex 12’ Enclosed

    Ttt. Need some input from the RDP braintrust on a possible price point. I have it priced less than what I have in it when I put it together. Any input or interest would be greatly appreciate it. I would like to move it soon or than later. I would also be taking my own tools and supply's out but...
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    How to register a new vehicle purchase in Arizona

    Get Arizona insurance on it and go to MVD and register it. Probably get an ID card too (might make it easier). Its that easy plus its staying in AZ so that much better and cheaper fees. Plus if its a private party sale there is no sales tax.
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    [SOLD] 2017 Can-Am Maverick Max DPS 1000r 4 seater

    2017 Can-Am Maverick Max DPS 1000r 4 seater This is a low hour Side by Side with only 97 hours and 979 miles. Tons of high quality options on it! It has an awesome JL Audio bluetooth stereo system that will knock your socks off! Highly Desirable Rugged Radio System A roof mounted LED Light Bar...
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    Time for tires

    I have been a BFG fan for a long time and now officially on my last set. The A/t’s don't last like they used too. Last set I got over 70k out of them on my Excursion with the old tread pattern. New ones have 42k and are a little over 3 years old and are looking pretty thin. Was checking...
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    [SOLD] 2008 AZTex 12’ Enclosed

    Ttt. Updated pictures. Make me an offer.
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    [SOLD] Honda Vintage Motorcycles

    Ttt. SL 70 is sold. Still have the SL 100 for sale. Make me an offer.
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    F-250 cut off switch.

    Thats interesting. The 2005’s i dealt with had it. I never understood why the Excursions had it in 2000 but the trucks didn't get it until later.
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    F-250 cut off switch.

    2005 and up have PATS so it wont start without the signal from the key. 2004 and earlier dont so they are super easier to steal. Not saying it wont happen but its definitely extra insurance with the fuel cut off. I definitely take a lot of stolen reports for the earlier non PATS trucks for sure.