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    DCB Sinks in Florida

    WOW! Glad to hear everyone is OK!
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    Boat over at lake pleasant

    Just read this. My wife and I spend most of our alone time at the lake., it's our escape. God Speed to all involved!! Though we don't know them, Our families thoughts and prayers are with you. 🙏
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    Terminal cancer

    Your'e a TRUE friend. Life is sooo short. God Speed and my Prayers to ALL!!!
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    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    WOW!!! That looks Awesome. My heart rate went up just seeing the flip picks.
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    Boaters licenses possibly coming to AZ

    Took a Boater Education coarse a couple years ago to help reduce my insurance cost. But that didn't work either. Yeh, learned something new , but I forgot what that was, Lol.
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    Thong Thursday

    A AMEN!!!!!
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    I'll be in Havi on 18th My cell 970-759-0514. Should be there around 6pm.

    I'll be in Havi on 18th My cell 970-759-0514. Should be there around 6pm.
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    Interesting Boating Story- Fountain vs Seadoo Wake Accident

    There's has got to be more to this story. I can't believe a wake caused his injuries without him jumping the wake intentionally .
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    Drill Press

    In Havasu? I'll take it.
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    2018 Howard 288/Merc 600 for sale

    That is one Beautiful boat!!!
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    Devastating news

    Were all pulling for you guy's. Prayers and God Speed! 🙏 🙏
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    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    My arms are getting sore just thinking about it. I sanded (1500-2000) and buffed the bottom side a couple years ago and was sore for a week. Great job and thanks for posting the entire thing. 👍
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    Missing Person - San Diego Coastal

    I pray for her safe return. god Speed.
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    Supercross 2021

    Tomac all the way!!!
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    Can I give some advice....

    That's not what Biden has said in the past. Bedo in charge of GUN CONTROL. I beg to differ.