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    Scratch Built Classic - RDP contest

    Tri 5 gasser ?
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    GT Performance Engines

    Ok cool that if thats the case why bother upgrading from a 65 mph merc package to something that on a good day may hit 80 but rides like shit on the river on weekends and is useless on Havasu ?
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    GT Performance Engines

    A21 foot boat that only ran 70 or 80 would be extremly boring .
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    Parker A/C

    R22 comes in 30lbs same size container of r410A is 25lbs .
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    Aluminized Headers

    Sand paper melted aluminum sprayed on
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    Aluminized Headers

    Have you ever seen a Alumanized header? I highly doubt young guns does that .
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    Since there is soooo much real estate discussion in here.....

    Sell it now and do not rent it .If you rent it for 2.1 years you loose your tax free gains exemption .
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    Parker guys what year and location on the Parker Strip.

    You dont see many pictures of the Californian upper far right of photo cool shot .....
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    Parker guys what year and location on the Parker Strip.

    Back when this picture was taken the first bar you would have got down river from Big Bend was Rum Runners .....
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    Concrete Pumping Parker

    Larson based in Havasu good numbers dependable nice equipment goes to Parker 818 288 2491
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    Parker guys what year and location on the Parker Strip.

    Pulling out of Big Bend from gas dock ,both Bucksin and the newer side of Echo not yet graded .... Late 50s to early 60s
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    Need to price an Automotive 4 post lift

    To put a 21 schiada under or on a lift you are going to need to order a lift with 110 inches inside dimension post to post my vector just fit with the guide bars on it .you dont see many used lifts that wide .
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    Havasu restaurant reviews- the short and sweet, the good the bad and the ugly

    The no name bar great burgers fish and very good slaw opens daily at 11 am
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    Looking to buy .....

    Looking for a clean 24.spectra prefer no rigging bare hull and roller trailer , regardless of condition no rigging will be reused so no need for it . Prefer good wood no rot ,rough gel coat ok not looking for junk or half finished projects thanks AFUEL ...
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    Parker Boat Crash Info

    RD ....That wouldn't surprise me , it may have expired or was used for target practice it was your typical plastic solar drive way light . That accident happened just before we moved to Parker bad deal .