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    Best Golf Tournament Ever

    That is straight up awesome.
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    What happened to Boaters helping Boaters

    Seems like I have a great time every time we tow others, help someone beached, broken down, sunk and every other issue. End up meeting new people and having great stories. To me that's all part of a normal river trip.
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    All boats under 26’ will require lanyards / engine cut off

    I was just hoping for another reason to be stopped on the water.
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    Boaters licenses possibly coming to AZ

    AZ doesn't shock me anymore. Yuma just past legislature putting age and operating limitations on electric skooters when there are no electric skooters. They just saw what is happening in other places and wanted to get ahead of the game. Then AZ just passed recreational marijuana but immediately...
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    So I made mention of a new magic box

    Please send me the contact info.
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    If You Dropped Cable Or Satellite

    Is this through Dave still? Unsure who the captain is? I want it.
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    If You Dropped Cable Or Satellite

    Are you still running the Bullet? I have been and still love it. About due for a new subscription in March and for $16.99 a month or $200 year its a no brainer. I did get a firestick and I dig it also. Reminds me off the old school kodi.
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    Go to Baja they said

    No shock value here.
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    A Job Offer

    I too have the opportunity to move to Salt Lake City. I have been doing a ton of research and as with you am undecided after being offered 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Utah is a beautiful state and maybe in my top 5 choices. Biggest concerns I have is it sucks to be cold and I heard the inversion sucks...
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    Isn’t right now about the time weight loss challenge happens?

    I am guessing thats 30lbs off your current weight in 6 months isn't much of a gamble to them. $500 a month is to high. Since the max they will pay is $384 for your 30 I would keep backing it down to the lowest dollar bet to hit that. Guessing around $178. I upped mine to 50lbs in the same 6...
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    Isn’t right now about the time weight loss challenge happens?

    No idea. I hear the commercials on the radio daily and see it all over the internet. They claim you can win upto $10k. No matter how much I wagered I couldn't get that much. It all depends oh home much you are going to lose in how long. I needed the motivation to lose the weight as I always do...
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    Isn’t right now about the time weight loss challenge happens?

    Healthywage. Its a web based weight loss wager. You set the amount of lbs you want to lose, timeframe and amount you want to bet and they take the wager. Its free money for them as 95% of people fail their diets. Catches are the minimum amount of time is 6 months and you have only the last 2...
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    Isn’t right now about the time weight loss challenge happens?

    I'm in a bet with Healthywage now. I have 5.5 months left to lose 30lbs and my payout is $1588.
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    RV Parked Next To My House!!

    If the owner is anything like me, they wouldn't know its gone until the next time they want to use it. So it could be gone for a month or more before they know its missing to report it.
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    Could have been a lot worse

    I couldn't believe when the person behind parked and jumped out. All I though was anybody else coming down the hill is in danger now.