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    Laveycraft quality

    Still love my ol girl
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    Vegas…. What the F!

    Def go off the strip to the locals casinos
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

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    What to do? Not this season but next.

    Whats up people been a long time since I have been on here to post . Mostly trolling and druelling over some of these bad ass boats. When thru some shit for 2 years and Im back to a semi normal self. Anyways enough of the drama. I have a 1999 24 Laveycraft. This was suppose to be a 2 season boat...
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    2018 Lexus IS 300 F-Sport

    Love my daily driver
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    Can am rs max had one didnt care for it ditched it

    Honestly I have had both RZR and the can am . Yes the Can am was faster but built like something out of a happy meal. The RZR quaility control is much better . I mean the both are thin metal and plasic but the fit of the RZR was much better
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    Hmm......is this gonna help or nope!

    Ok friend has a 2018 suburban lifted pro comp 8” lift with Idk 35? With the 5.3 engine. Soooooo he bought a 26 ft deck boat triple axle and yeaaaa you already know . He cant do pass 65 mph . I told him your gonna struggle towing that. So would there be a dded benefit to do the following ? 1)...
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    What do you respect more?

    Time, but also remember you need to do something with that time. A idling mind is the devils playground .
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    Bought this at the boat show ! Pop up dock

    I believe it was like $500.00
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    Bought this at the boat show ! Pop up dock

    I just deflated it and put it away, I folded it in half the long part of it like a taco and then rolled it like a sleeping bag . That part was not bad at all. It came with straps with pull handles or one that goes over your shoulder like a duffle bag .
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    Bought this at the boat show ! Pop up dock

    First off great pic of you and your son? Did you just screw on the hose from the hand pump it came with? To the other one?
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    Bought this at the boat show ! Pop up dock

    :cool:Seemed like a great 4 beer in idea when I bought. Fast forward a massive box comes in from ups and Im thinking hmmmm I didn't order anything? This box was like the size of the leg lamp on Christmas story. Opened it up like a little kid on Christmas and went oooh yea forgot about this! So I...
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    15 Things Only Lake People Will Understand

    #3 and #10 made me laugh out loud
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    Can Am peeps

    Make sure you grease those hubs , maybe they started greasing them on the 2020 mdls ?