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    Richer Racing Bronco build for RB’s Mom

    If you haven't already replaced the plastic window regulator safety pucks yet with 11mm stainless balls now is the time to do it. The physical abuse of offroading mixed with dirt in the mechanism will cause the FORD electric window motor "savers" to fail. That means the window won't roll up. If...
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    WTB a steel 3 blade

    Ryan - PM replied to. I'll send a few pictures after work today. Aloha
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    WTB a steel 3 blade

    I've got a 12/15 Ron Braaksma 3-blade in a 1" shaft. It's steel so it's pretty rough. Steel + Lake Arrowhead = not pretty. I ran it on a 500hp deal without any issues. I've upgraded to 1-1/8 and have no use for it. I'd get it checked out by your favorite prop guy to see what they say if you've...
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    Off-road shop in Havasu recommendation?

    Give Kurt Youngs a call at DC Shock Services. Kurt and his guys recently expanded their SoCal business to include a shop in LHC. DC is an authorized rebuild center for a few different shock brands and they offer install services too. They probably rebuild 20 sets of Raptor shocks a month at...
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    4l80 for a v drive

    Freight trained motor combo to Freight trained transmission combo = 🤯 Aloha
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    4l80 for a v drive

    Yeah... like a set of steering wheel mounted paddle shifters! All sorts of bitchin' options but the OD part of the 4L80 still makes me question the driveability. I would expect the V-drive gears would still be selected based on a 1:1 from the transmission and then using the OD to knock the...
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    What’s on my spark plugs?

    It might be worthing purchasing a cheapo lighted Bore Scope. They are small enough that can stick it inside the Cylinder and take a peek around. Same goes for the intake manifold. I picked mine up on Amazon for $20-ish bucks. It connects right to the USB port on my phone. The LED brightness is...
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    4l80 for a v drive

    V-Drive Boats are a lot like Trophy Trucks... always under some sort of load. The overdrive roller clutch will need attention. You will kill the stock OD in no time flat in a boat. If you can't find a 4L80 Boat Guru you'll want to talk to someone that builds them for Offroad use... like Steve...
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    Motorhome Remodel?

    Check out RVing with Andrew Steele on YouTube. He posts a ton of RV videos and has a few about the repair / upgrade on his own rig. There are a few others showing some high end redo's. Aloha
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    95' F150 Prerunner

    I've got a soft spot in my heart for the 92-96 body style. Aloha
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    Gravity Feed Fuel Tanks

    It's not so much the insurance I'd worry about... it's the potential BOMB / FIRE BALL that a massive leak could lead to. In an enclosed space I'd say NO WAY. In a more race style deal it's probably not as likely to kill you as you'll almost immediately smell and see the gas pouring into the...
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    Spectra 24XS

    I totally agree with namba860! It's a looks thing for me. My previous 24xs had Bennett Trim Tabs and being able to control the attitude was nice in chop. The plates probably aren't absolutely necessary for these big ol' boats but they look cool. ;) Aloha
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    Spectra 24XS

    Are the pillow blocks different sizes to take into account the slight curve of the transom? Aloha
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    Spectra 24XS

    I am assuming you are limiting this to V-drive setups... I have owned 2. A good buddy has owned 3. All of them have been different. Some have Casale's and some have Ace Champion V-drives. Some have Cav Plates but most don't. Some have Ford and others have Chevy motors. TH400 or Velvet drives...
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    No Longer For Sale

    I measured that and it's just at 3' feet. That doesn't take the trailer into consideration. Aloha