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    Ballpark cost for a pool and landscape in Havasu

    Walt. do the pop ups actually work? I was going to put them in my pool, instead I just bought a robotic pool cleaner. Post up the finished pool, looks great.
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    Steve Bannon

    bye Liz.. 🤡💩🤡
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    First plywood and now carne asada? WTF?

    $4.99lb at Stater Brothers. 15lb max... 👨‍🍳👨‍🍳
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Like that has ever stopped the democraps before.. . 😂
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    Gas Prices

    $3.51 at Sam's Club San Dimas..
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    The start of a market correction?

    Waiting for 20-21 Razors to hit the market for a good price....
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    Sunshine RV in Havasu

    Had my 5th wheel at another RV shop in Havasu to have a generator and a 3rd AC added to my rig, It took the original RV almost 2 months to get the generator in, they just kept saying they will get to it soon. After the gen is finally finished, they call and said, we will be putting in the AC the...
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Looks like the FEDS want to get involved now. https://populist.press/breaking-biden-doj-steps-in-to-put-immediate-stop-to-az-audit/
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    White Privilege

    draggin it around DC? I like it! :eek:
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    Just Apologize = Already!!

    Fuck him. His apology wouldn't mean a damn thing. He's not sorry...:mad::mad:
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    Buying someones business

    THIS. Treat the Guy with respect, call him.
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    Legal question.

    Don't give it another thought. Don't reply to calls or letters about it. They will lien sale it.
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    Well, well, well....

    Climafe emergency is next.
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    AZ ballot audit is happening now!!!!

    Trust them or not, at least they won't stop counting after 99% votes have been counted, throw watchers out of the room, then start counting eeerrrrr cheating. Don't have a leg to stand on rye.