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    Anyone going to LOTO for shootout this weekend?

    Unfortunately I am not making it this year. Couldn’t get the days off work. I really wanted to run the 266, fits it’s class very well. Looking forward to the content though, I’ll be watching the live stream!
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    2022 Cigarette Rendezvous- Lake of the Ozarks!

    Cig run is for sure about boating, best event of the year IMO. Outside of the Cig run. If you’ve never been to loto I’d honestly recommend doing an “off” weekend. As in no events, you’ll get the weekday feel that’s smoother water and not as packed bars. Then when the weekend hits, mad house...
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    MPG's on your boat

    266 525EFI: 2-2.5 mpg depending on speed 388 1000’s: 1mpg cruising, less if running hard.
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    2022 Cigarette Rendezvous- Lake of the Ozarks!

    By far my favorite event of the year. Love meeting up with great friends, running the boats hard, and seeing all the hardware. We’ll meet up once or twice a year and it’s like we hang out every weekend. Couldn’t ask for a better crew to roll with. @Tank @lake p.a.l. @H20 Toie @BlowMe...
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    2022 Cigarette Rendezvous- Lake of the Ozarks!

    Mind If I Smoke sounds so damn good! Leaving Dick’s yesterday. Should have got the annual midnight fire up on video @Tank
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    2022 Cigarette Rendezvous- Lake of the Ozarks!

    Same run from our view. Sure didn’t take long for us to run 27 miles! Kelly likes to push whoever is running with him lol.
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    2022 Cigarette Rendezvous- Lake of the Ozarks!

    Not a Cig, but we crash the event every year. Having an awesome time, great to meet up with everyone again.
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    And so it starts

    See y’all Friday! Going to be a killer weekend!
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    Fleet Card Recommendation

    Comdata is widely accepted by the big dogs. Pilot/Loves
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    Memorial Day Picture thread?

    2 days went by too fast. Saw some cool boats, got some prop testing in, had a breakdown free weekend. Can’t complain.
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    Bummer. Hate it when this happens (boating related)

    Looks like it was 5 hours exactly after I took these pics at PBC it went over. Boat was absolutely gorgeous. Super sad sight, but glad everyone is ok. Like Tank said, the water can be very unpredictable and rogue cruiser waves sometimes come out of nowhere. I’d imagine it would have to be...
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    My baby is getting fixed

    Is hydrolock the concern here? It seems like a motor would have to ingest an awful lot of water to cause major problems. Hell, people have been spraying water/meth at motors for cooling for years. Which is 70% water unless you buy M1 or something. No ill affects.
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    Upper XR gears, Bravo 1 drive HELP!

    Endurance Innovations 847-778-2802 After reading, these may only be lower gear sets. I don’t know or promote the product. Just saw it floating around. You making it to the Rendezvous or what? Haven’t had the chance to see you since we unloaded you at Horny toad.