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    Merc 525 HP Outboard

    Spy shot!
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    Thought I'd share this pic and some history (boating content!)

    Just threw this together. Should put something good together with all the content we have.
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    Thought I'd share this pic and some history (boating content!)

    Here’s a few, never get tired of seeing/hearing/riding in that monster.
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    Thought I'd share this pic and some history (boating content!)

    Didn’t Helios get ran aground in a backwater swamp? Will have to follow up with some Mind if I Smoke content. I’ve got plenty
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    LOTO Street Party

    The orange Baja always intrigued me, “worlds fastest”. Who decides they want to jam 1,600’s In to a Baja. Shit’s rad.
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    High Performance Boat Insurance?

    WIA Foremost Total Dollar Give these three a try. Good luck, insurance on boats isn’t a fun time. At least for me it wasn’t.
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    Let's See Your Butt!

    266 after a little polish
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    Hey Dan @H20 Toie got some news to share?!

    Congrats again Dan!! You’re not kidding about the roller coaster of events, so glad it worked out! Looking forward to seeing it next year at the rendezvous!
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    this movie is hilarious

    Million ways to die in the west. I enjoyed it, been awhile might have to revisit
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    What’s this?

    Ahhh, this brings up another good point. The station most likely buys/sells R99 because the refiner blends the 1% diesel so they can claim the blend credit & RIN. Same way almost all Bio refiners sell their product. I’m Out of the wholesale fuel game now, but it all works the same.
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    What’s this?

    You sure it’s the same? Assuming this is California, Marathon bought/transitioned an existing petroleum refinery to a renewable diesel refinery. The huge upside over bio diesel is that it carries the same or better cloud point/gel point as straight diesel. Where as bio gels up at much warmer...
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    ? For peeps that beat CV-19

    No doctor recommendations. Had a headache, runny nose, tired (same as any cold). Advil & Coors light. Cleared up in 3 days.
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    Covid paranoid or??

    Been down there during the holidays, events, random weekends all year. None of our crew got sick, over 30 of us. Don’t let it ruin a good trip.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Cruising back home and got a nice running shot of this boat. I know how much you guys like “Jet Botes”.
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Closing out the weekend. Great weather, no break downs (less a sea water pump rebuild), met up with some great people! @lake p.a.l. & the homie Kelly in “Mind if I smoke”. Can’t say enough about how cool the boating community is.