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    Help for a buddy on the Lake

    Checking wires/plugs now...
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    Help for a buddy on the Lake

    No, deep water at Arrowhead. Boat has transmission, and still does it in neutral....
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    Help for a buddy on the Lake

    Best friend is out on the lake right now with his BIL's Schiada (yea, I know, if he was my best friend I would be there). Boat is 21RC, N/A 502, v-drive. Pulling his daughter, boat started losing power, and now runs, but has a severe vibration that gets worse as the RPM's rise. Does this both...
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    Who pays for this accident?

    With regards to the damage to the truck, if it's that bad have you looked into buying a "take-off" bed and change it out completely.... Probably save a lot of money....
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    Info On Passats

    Had a 97 Passat....biggest piece of S$*t ever with only 90k miles.....was so bad I could not in good conscience sell it to someone else...ended up doing the car donation thing..... Stick with Honda/Toyota
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    Uncle Bill's -Manhattan Beach LeRoy's - Monrovia
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    Something Creepy About This Picture

    That last one is cool, no kidding around there. Still dont see it on Frenchy...
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    My Son's first boat purchase

    How old?
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    Breakfast Casserole

    Do you have a picture of the finished product?
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    Out of the box.. Stairs to observation deck.

    CXR hit the nail on the head....better check on building code as they may look at it as and elevator with all the required safety needs and annual inspections. You own the place and want to make sure you are adding value, not creating a problem.
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    Bikini bar lunch

    Wild Goose?
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    Did Obama get conned....

    What the news and most people are failing to notice is that there are a huge number of suppliers to Solyndra that are now tettering on bankruptcy because of this debacle.....more "Green Jobs" lost.
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    Day 3 on the water or ; "Are you Rick?" "If I was I'd have a mad clip for you"

    Where were you moored. We were over at Emerald Fri./Sat. Dinner at the Reef Fri. Dinner at 4th of July Sat. I'm sure we crossed paths. That manufacturer party was insane.
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    Mortgage Rate Update

    What kind of rate/points/LTV for a non-owner occupied duplex?