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    Go 49er's

    The Forty Kneelers...they use to be a football team in the NFL (National Felons League) but are now activists
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    Cornpop has gas

    Yep...I'd be in for sure. Premium hit $4.99 a gallon:mad: today
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    Time passes on

    it's 8:58 somewhere
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    Taco Bell Recycling Program

    You just made me click on CNN damn it :mad: 😄
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    Let’s Roll - 9/11

    I highly recommend watching 9/11: Four Flights on the History Channel...it's starting again in 30 minutes from now https://play.history.com/specials/9-11-four-flights/preview-9-11-four-flights History Channel has others that are definitely worth watching
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    No More Testing For Public Sector & Contractors

    You spelled taster wrong
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    On a lighter note - Political jokes & memes

    How to speak Bidenese
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    Mother of marine killed has words for Biden

    Listen before Youtube yanks it down: Shocking that LibHoo is carrying the story: https://news.yahoo.com/mom-marne-slain-kabul-says-205700107.html
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    Drone Strike

    One hesitates to go down the “question the timing” route, but the fact is the Pentagon needed a good news story after weeks of humiliating disaster and a terrorist attack that has now claimed 14 American lives. The Pentagon has also bought into the “over-the-horizon” approach to terrorism...
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    California has the best tow rigs...

    I just took these recently at The Gavin Newsom KOA and RV show in Kalifornia The Ford F150 this was in was so powerful that it threw the camper out in the street ...And this one is a beauty