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    Happy Father's day everyone!!

    Happy Fathers Day! I tell my son that since the day he was born every day is Fathers day to me :)
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    Damn that's badass but HUGE...it would never fit where we go in the Sierras LOL... Good luck with the sell that is really nice.
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    Do you have a link, I either can't find it or I'm super lazy...your pick
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    Victorias secret drops their "angels" in favor of "powerful women"

    LOL..that's very specific
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    looking for 2 calif ccw compliant s and w shield 9mm

    This is interesting, but I want to know what happened besides "assholes in the world" which are more than plentiful. P.S Have you ever checked out a CZ, specifically a P-01
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    This is what pushed me toward buying new
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    Carson is an awesome trailer for sure, the build quality is pretty high. They are almost impossible to find used too. Funny, my son has an F150 and it is a really nice truck I just like giving him shit becasue we were always Chevy. Hows that Predator working out, that is the one I have my eye on.
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    That's super clean but it is huge and too heavy...I don't have an F150
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    This: - two years of fun and potentially priceless memories with people you care about now? 👍
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    GMC Motorhomes...

    Those are so cool, when I was a little kid I thought you must be a real baller to have one. There is a guy near me that has somewhere around 30 of them in various stages of restoration. He customizing them for clients. This is a entertaining story with one of these:
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    This is where i'm at right now...luckily the wife is totally on board. I am a little skeptical of the 3 months but we'll see
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    Buy now or wait for Vid deals

    What's the latest consensus, buy a new Toy Hauler now or wait for the Covid deals that will inevitably come? So many people bought during Covid inventory is non existent and I'll have to wait 3 months which isn't too bad. The other thought is I wait for the deals that might happen in two years...
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    Looking for a small breed puppy

    We have a Porkie - Pomeranian and Yorkie...he is hilarious. He is feisty but also very loving. Loves to lay on my lap or beside me, protective and at 10 years old still acts and plays like a puppy. If you are taking a shower he lays right in front of the door, sleeping he is right at the foot...
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    Emotional Support Dog

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    Vintage cowl vent for blower

    If his buddy only needs two and you want to sell the other two let me know. One of mine has a small scrape on it that bugs me.