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  • thanks david... I have been researching this for some time.. and could not make heads or tails of it... I plan on doing this with my toy hauler and new buggy I am building... that saves me from having to get a bigger toy box.... thank you for your time... have a great day .. Bobby
    Hey Bobby,

    Sorry for the delay, I just noticed your message.

    Yes. It's real. I have been towing doubles for about 4 years. Mostly from Long Beach to Parker, but we towed all the way up to Northern Idaho about 3 years ago. Some states do not allow it. The legal length in CA is 65', I am 72', but have never been hassled. Past many cops, I just don't speed and give them a reason to pull me over.

    Some say you need a special license, but when we researched it with CHP & DMV, they could said we were good.

    hey steamboatass .....fuck off.... you must know my ex or you would not be talking shit to me.. go crawl back under the rock you came from...or get up to date and read about the bull shit... but leave me the fuck out of your fan club..
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