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    Fuck. Another drowning.

    Thank you for all the kind words and pictures. Every picture, every story brings out another round of tears from us, followed by a smile of joy in knowing that so many wonderful people befriended and cared for him.
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    Field of Dreams Game on now FOX

    Here is an aerial shot of the field
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    Looks like Mead has stabilized at about 1070 (at least for now). River flows past Mohave Valley/Needles have reduced to seasonal norms. Talked to someone on the water district commission. They said the declaration of tier 1 shortage is scheduled for August. 🧐
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    A view from the office window. What’s yours?

    One local and one from forest fire reseeding project near Grand Junction in February.
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    I’ve been on the river since the 70’s and lived here (across and down a little from Bigbore’s place) for the last 12. With the exception of the flooding flow in the 80’s I have never seen such consistently high flows as we have been experiencing this spring. One would think that with the poor...
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    Looking for a beach north of Jack Smith

    Nice beaches from Reservation road all the way up to Boundary Cone road. Al tribal except for the Willow Valley beach. Day passes only since the whole Covid debacle started. Was chatting with a tribal cop the other day he didn’t know if/when they will start selling annual passes again.
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    Stuck at pirates needles

    I would be happy to help also. I have a capable keep w/ winch, straps, etc. on my way to work now (I’m in Mohave Valley) should be done about 9am and could come down there then.
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    Body Found On Dike Rd Last Week?

    I live right near as well (River Terrace) zachnews quotes Mohave Sherrif’s that it is being investigated as a homicide
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    2006 Yamaha 700 Raptor

    Sale completed it is gone. Thank you Deckin Around!
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    2006 Yamaha 700 Raptor

    Sale pending
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    2006 Yamaha 700 Raptor

    This is a beautiful low time machine. Just don’t use it enough. Many extras: ITS tires and wheels, DMC exhaust, flex bars, ASV folding levers, twist throttle, custom dust cover, more I can’t think of. $4000 Mohave Valley 714 293 3884 text is best
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    Any Hook ups on Method wheels here?

    Contact Erick at 928 Power Sports. Think 20% off. He’s in Fort Mohave, info on Facebook.
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    AZ RZR renew registration?

    Got mine fixed at MVD. More recently a friend did it on the website. He said pay for the Offroad sticker first then the option will be given for the reduced “partial highway “ sticker.