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    Put it all on black

    "Always bet on Black" .......... Wes Snipes
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    V-drives aren’t only found in boats

    In the past, we've sold Casale V-drives to a number of "wheel stand show cars", and "off road racing vehicles" too . Very strong and flexible method to transfer power in a different direction .
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    What would you do?

    Make a Police report on what you did, and what has transpired so far . LIEN the property, and go back to work for those who are willing to pay . When the paperwork catches up with reality, your business did not suffer (too much), but you are on solid ground to get "payment with damages", or a...
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    Berkeley Pump rebuild - need help

    Your photos do not show how much of the "blades" are above and outside of the casting hub . A "2A" impeller would have both ends of the blades extending beyond the impeller hub area . This piece may have been "tricked up", and has only the outer diameter larger that the hub circle, which...
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    Havasu Riviera Development News

    So I guess Parker needs to spend $500K plus, for "blue signs" that also give no directions, just like Havasu did ............... HA HA
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    Needles Boat Show 2018

    Had I known there may have been a "boat registration problem", I would have brought down a couple of my "Arizona dealer tags" to loan out to the boats . People in the business, like Billy, Steele, Connolly, even River Dave, can get "Az dealer plates", and they are only $5.00 a year to re-new ...
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    Needles Boat Show 2018

    Happy to have met some of you out there, except for the cold wind, it was a good day .
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    Why did the rpm thread get locked?

    These things are stopped for your own protection . Nothing to see here, move along, now ...........
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    Installing a window unit into a brick wall

    Brace it up the load above, cut the hole (over sized for furring/window mounting methods). Fit in pieces of 3/8" wall 4" X 4" or 4"X 3" angle iron . Once the pieces are "tack welded in place", remove the metal, and weld the hell out of every corner . Drill and counter sink for wood screws...
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    RPM Boats

    We didn't build "our house on the hill", so I've got a couple buckets on dimes to throw into the venture . Wana' paint molds in Havasu ?
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    Martha Stewart roast...nails it

    I'll bet Bieber likes "hot home made muffins" ............. HA HA
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    RPM Boats

    "The west coast boat business is just like any other service business" . As said by a number of RDP "experts" . Who here still wants to get into the west coast custom boat building business ? "Fun and adventure" ! I have a well thought out business plan;"Custom boats and daycare", all in the...
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    RPM Boats

    Without a printed and signed contract, this is just two idiots arguing on a cliff . A signed contract tells everyone what they are required to do, and by what time span in the progress of the build . Only idiots use "I said, and you said, here-say", without a printed, signed contract . IF...
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    So I'm re-rigging this Hondo ......

    I'm still trying to be there on Saturday . With the heater on in the garage all day, I worked on more of the wiring, and the switch panel . This started out with an oil pressure gauge here, and then progressed to this becoming a volt meter, and the oil and temp gauges going into another...
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    "Why is there a hair in my martini" ?