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    4 seat speed UTV

    50 to 70% Hah . Closer to 100%
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    Public Health and Guns

    Yeah I'm going to have to go home and make sure my P365 didn't get out of the drawer and is out on a rampage .
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    Trying to blow up PDF drawings

    Zoom in on what you want to print using the + and - buttons at the top . Scroll up and down and right and left to center what you want to print in the middle of the screen . click on print and in the printer settings select "current view" I do it every day to blow up PDF's so I can read them to...
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    Public Health and Guns

    And leaves out that at gun shows only private sales don't do background checks . All licensed dealers at shows have to do a background check .
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    Public Health and Guns

    Your full of shit . Every gun shop makes you fill out a background check form and you must have ID to do it . The form is then run through the FBI data base . Yes you can buy ammo without a license .
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    Wanted: ASU & UofA thoughts from those w/experience

    My nephew graduated from the Eller BUisness school 6yrs ago . While going there he did one semester in europe
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    June 15th 2021

    So . New York and Michigan are still worse than Florida and they are complete lockdown states .
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    Yep helping to perpetuate the lies . Just like you and all the libs and left news orgs .
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    And We Are Off!!

    The 9th circuit gets turned over 99 out of 100 times . They are a joke .
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    Any metallurgists aboard this ship?

    I'm not a metallurgist but have been in the steel business all my life . My family owns one of the largest Steel Supply Centers In Southern Az . AR plate is just that abraission Resistant . The higher the number 400 or 500 the harder it is . It is very brittle and cracks when stressed . Mainly...
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    Anyone stay at a resort with pool swim up hotel rooms?

    Yep was planning on going back just before the whole Covid shit . June is our 20th Anniversary . Hoping to go back then . I like the all inclusive . All the liquor and they have great restaurants in all types of food .
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    Anyone stay at a resort with pool swim up hotel rooms?

    We stayed at Secrets Maroma in Riviera Maya and got a swim up room . All inclusive for $250.00 per person per night . great hotel and short shot to Cancun from Phoenix .
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    Goodbye Keystone pipeline

    It's not one or the other , you are a Racist Elitist . Your both .
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    Had to run to Best Buy real quick in Scottsdale and

    Snow all over the Catalina Mountains here in Tucson .
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Great car to drop a smallblock into . We probably did 6 or 7 of those in a 5yr period . Add a good 4spd and 9" rear end . Used to go to Firebird roadcourse outside of Phoenix and blow porsches and corvettes away . They really balance out nicely . Like a Japanese Cobra .