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    "Inflation Reduction Act"!!

    Anybody see what else was buried in the bill . Bet the Dems and Libs are going to shit . Wonder if Manchin had anything to do with it . https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/biden-approves-largest-oil-gas-lease-sale-us-history-steamrolls-eco-review-inflation-bill
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    Abbott declares invasion!

    Who needs immigration law reform ? All we have to do is adhere to the laws we already have . Ignoring the laws are what got us here . And why in the hell shouldn't the states who are having to deal with the border influx not ship them to the states that believe the most in ignoring the laws and...
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    FBI Raid at Mar-a-lago

    Your hatred for Trump runs as deep as the Liberals . The fact that they have tried bogus charges for 6 yrs and came up zilch . This is just the next bogus try to make something stick so they can make him ineligible to run for office again . I know you are worried he will get elected again and...
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    Mandella Restoration

    Well back to this . Covid and other things put this on hold for a while . But back on it . The V-Drive came back form Tom Bentley(Menkins) . The old halcraft was machined to accept all Casale gears and, bearings and shafts . So now it is a quick change with whirlaway .
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    Trump's house is being raided by the FBI

    Or maybe after he returned the 15 boxes they found nothing , like all the other witch hunts , so they decided to raid to find anything they could and/or plant evidence . Why else would they not allow any one to witness what they were doing . And ask that all security cameras be turned off .
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    Cigar thread

    Ahhh Ashtons .
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    Cigar thread

    Ashtons are the way I roll .
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    Need a good OBD2

    This is what I use . Software that you load on your laptop and comes with a 20' (I think ) USG cable with OBDII interface . Do anything the dealer can. https://www.autoenginuity.com/products/oe-level-coverage/
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    Current Situation - a picture thread

    Just getting caught up on a Sunday morning .
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    The 21' and under 70+ mph Boat pic thread

    The #42 Mandella is Eddie McPheeters of Eddie's Inboard Marine in Tucson . Another of his beautifully restored Mandellas
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    Rocky Point Mexico…….. Thanksgiving?

    Please enlighten me . Can you drive up and down the beaches ? It is now just like tourist cities on the coast . Hotels up and down the beaches and closed off to those who are not staying in them . If that's what you are looking for OK . BUt I grew up down there . Used to go down in High School...
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    Rocky Point Mexico…….. Thanksgiving?

    Not really . I am 56 and born and raised in Tucson . From the time I was born we spent every Thanksgiving in Puerto Penasco(Rocky Point) or Kino Bay . Used to be great places to camp . In Kino we would bare hand crab in the estuaries , rake for clams , snorkle for abalone . Now it's just a...
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    Gas Prices

    So if Biden cannot control gas prices with his policies then why do you hate Trump for placing tariffs on China ? It could in no way have changed any of your business as he cannot control prices .
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    anybody seen this boat..spectra 18

    Yeah and there were alot of things for sale cheap that I wish I had bought .
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    California truckers

    Not only that but Trump put it back in later from domestic drilling . Biden has no plans to replace it as we cannot produce enough due to his policies .