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    Came across this guy today.. And no i didnt chop his head off..

    410 and skin that sucker out!! 🤣
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    Real boats, are handmade.

    They are cool and all, and I can appreciate the craftsmanship, but I'd still rather have a Schiada. 😎
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    China's propagandas machine at work

    Let this sink in...... My wife is Chinese American. When I showed this video to her, she started laughing. She said "You've got to be kidding me!" THAT response coming from a first-generation Chinese American. 🤣
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    good morning inmates

    Gawd damn what a way to start the day!! Thank you Sir! 😍
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    Quarantined in the Gulf of Mexico

    Nice!! I used to dig up sharks teeth all along that beach as a kid!
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    What would you do? Chevrolet Silverado

    Too bad you dont know anyone with an AZ mailing address! 😉 I'm waiting to see what the experts say about this exact topic too.
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    What would you do? Chevrolet Silverado

    Give these guys a call and see what they can do for you if you decide to swap motors. I haven't personally dealt with them, but plan to in the future for one of my trucks. I screenshot the ad some time ago but they are still advertising on CL.
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    Square bodies.

    So THAT'S what it's supposed to look like! 🤣
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    I'll take these if they are still available. Let me know Sir!
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    Square bodies.

    I have the same problem here. My K5 is completely gutted and the frame pulled. Body is sitting on a dolly and there is no drivetrain whatsoever. It's a clean slate just waiting on some time and bunch of money. 😁
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    Quarantined in the Gulf of Mexico

    I deserve it! It was served up nice and slow for someone to crush! 🤣
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    Quarantined in the Gulf of Mexico

    Where did you you take this pic 941?
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    Looting has started.

    Talk about a helluva reaction time. 🙄
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    See what happens when you don't shelter in place?

    As his career has moved forward over the years due to his success, he (Like all other athletes), should realize that and they should carry themselves in a more professional manner. Oh wait, that would be what a mature person would do. Nevermind. 🤣
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    Is Reverse Cowgirl

    I guess it depends on which side your on. 😜