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    The boat I just bought recently, the seller told me the trailer bearings were just done by LaveyCraft last year, I took his word for it...before my first trip to Havasu, I pulled the bearing buddy caps off, and there was literally water leaking out of one of them and grease oozing in the other...
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    Newsom's Recall

    I agree with point #2…there was definitely some type of cheating going on during the presidential election, what kind and at what level, we will never know. But in this election to sit here and cry “cheating” is just wrong in my opinion, take a look around you, and not just in your circle or in...
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    Newsom's Recall

    YES, YES, YES, YES, and YES...because Covid is dangerous and we would have all died if it weren't for savior newsome....I just found out yesterday that my mom voted NO on the recall....when I asked why would she do such a thing, she said because he has done such a great job during the pandemic...
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    Boat seat problem....

    My old Galaxie had hinges on the bow seats and rear bench, and the cockpit chairs had strong velcro...my Laveycraft has nothing on any of the cushions, they fit pretty tight, but I havent risked driving down the freeway with them like that..I remove them all and put them in the bed under the bed...
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    Newsom's Recall

    California is a democratic shithole, look around you...there is no way they needed to cheat, the outcome is as expected...we went out and voted and did our part, but there was no part of me that thought the recall was actually going to happen...Californians are for the majority, stupid....smh
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    Newsom's Recall

    I voted in person yesterday, only a few people there, wife went today and also only a few people…unfortunately newsome isn’t going anywhere, we got too many dumbshits in California
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    Never thought I would side with the Taliban buuuut

    Lol…wife and I were watching the Netflix documentary last night, and they were talking to a reporter that was in Afghanistan and he was saying how he witnessed an execution of a guy that killed someone and that the Taliban let the brother of the victim shoot the guy himself…wife and I looked at...
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    NFL Football starts tonight! Call your shots now!

    Isn't "assigning" anything to be used by or distinguished by ANY race....basically the definition of racism??? What if the the regular National Anthem was referred to as the White National Anthem??
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    California, What do you Want? Deserve?

    This is what I don't understand, every single tv/radio station is running different ads that are sponsored by different groups that all oppose the recall, using scare tactics, calling people that support is "Trump Supporters" etc....but what you don't see/hear are any ads that support the recall...
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    Labor Day Weekend Lake Havasu Recap Video

    Great video, but do V bottoms even exist anymore?? Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lavey Craft 21XTSKI

    It doesn’t feel like it’s rocking side to side, more like it’s sliding around in the back. Happens in the 35-50 areas, I have not really pushed it past that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Biden today- By 2020 We’re Going to Make Sure All Our Electricity is Zero Emissions’

    But he’s “not Trump” so it’s ok…according to some members here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lavey Craft 21XTSKI

    To be honest with you, not sure? The prop has no markings on it, unless its on the inner hub where I cant see unless I take the prop off.
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    Lavey Craft 21XTSKI

    Yes, the boat has a -2 Imco lower, which was supposedly set up by Lavey Craft, so I would guess it was done with some thought process behind it. Thanks for the compliment!
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    Lavey Craft 21XTSKI

    Boat planes almost immediately with drive trimmed all the way down, once planed and I start trimming the drive up just a bit, it starts getting that loose feeling