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    Can solar be done right? If so how?

    All I can do is share with the OP my own experience. I had bids personally from Peterson Dean, Solarmax, sunrun, Solar City. When I got the Solarmax bid from energyage it was $10K less than when I was dealing with Solarmax directly. I started moving forward and was dealing with project mgr from...
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    Because a lot poeple who have never done them do not know how to slice it. Tri tip has two different grain directions and if you don't slice it against the grain then it will be really tough. You would be surprised how many people just lay it out and slice evenly across the roast and screw it up.
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    The end of an era

    Ice Ice Baby !
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    Frog survey

    Can frogs transmit covid ?
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    Ok all you health nuts out there

    The Whole 30 It starts with food No calorie counting no baby size portions No carb phobia This was the best health step I have ever embarked on. Warning it does not allow cheating or booze
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    Can solar be done right? If so how?

    I had a quote from Energy Sage https://www.energysage.com They are sort of like a Trucar for solar. They will put all the companies in competition against each. I had apples to apples bids from same companies that were $10K less when bidding with energy sage vs going direct to company. In the...
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    Thread with regard to Chris

    I'm glad I have no idea what this thread is about.
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    40 years of Metallica.

    Great Band ! Saw them 4 times on the And justice for all tour 88/89 ish 3 nights at Irvine meadows and one night at long beach arena. They were awesome. I wish I could have seen them with Cliff Burton. I have not seen them since but I would love to.
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Really scary stuff ! My wife and daughter both have an inherited predisposition to clotting ( factor II mutation ) and can't take estrogen need to stay active etc. My son has never been tested for it and he's 23 and getting jab pressure from his employer. On a side note Thank you FB for...
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    2wd or 4wd

    This is what I do as well 2012 XP 900 with 2400 miles. Never eaten a belt. I do change a belt every few years as I dont want to change one on the dunes : ) IMO 2wd in the dunes just feels way more smooth.
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    No need to thank me, it's a freebie...

    Giant fake butt, Giant fake boobs, dude with a wig or bad dye job.....They all make me scratch my head and laugh.
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    My biggest pet peeves

    These two Also Leafblowers and litter
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    The Refuge

    Feel bad for any land owners that lose $$ maybe a situation comes up where they make $$ 👍 For me, Everything I enjoy about Havasu is polar opposite of Golf and the CC lifestyle. I have been around luxury Golf clubs my entire life because my Dad has always belonged. Palm Desert, La Quinta, HB...
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    The Refuge

    So what happens to the golf course ? More homes ? SXS track ?
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    Wake boards / Bindings

    What is good spot in LHC to pick up a wake board or possibly just bindings ? My daughter is coming to town this weekend and looking to buy a board or bindings that fit her. Thanks