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    Brain trust advice…

    Barbie "Playhouse" complete with sex swing. I can't wait for the party pics.
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    A super hot woman for your Hump Day enjoyment!

    She kind of looks like Mama June's twin sister.
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    Things you regret for 500 Alex

    Almost every car, truck and boat I had between 1975 and 1990 I wish I had back.
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    Depp vs Heard , what a pathetic waste of time

    I saw a clip of the trial this morning, I can't stand to watch him talk.
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    State Farm and docks

    This^^ I have State Farm and I’ve had a couple medium-size claims. A tornado in the area heavy rains and wind trashed my roof and actually forced water through my sliding glass door seals. They covered the roof, but said the water damage came from a leaky basement. Exact same thing as you, they...
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    What a nasty taste I have

    My son got a rude awaking this year, welcome to being a successful responsible hard working adult.
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    Kids and College

    If your my sister, you would buy him a car and let him sit around and rest for a year. Didn't turn out so well in that case, she isn't sure why.
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    Bruce Willis

    My dad had it, sad deal, wish him the best.
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    Will Smith just punched Cris Rock in the face on live TV

    Maybe I missed it, but why are their still frame shots of everything except Will's hand actually hitting and distorting Rocks face. And why no video of Will after he laughed and before he appeared on stage? I'd like to see if Jada said something to him. Anyone see those specific things?
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    We can’t get bars on the water and they are digging caves?

    Bull Shoals is a nice lake, but keep in mind it isn't a privately owned lake like LOTO. I'm sure you know all of this, but for others, it's a Army Corps of Engineers Lake where they own the shoreline not you. The set back line varies depending on the specific property so pay close attention to...
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    Buying a rzr where the seller still owes money

    Yes, do this. Do not trust the seller to send it to you after you pay it off!!
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    Wife says she read they have another series in the works. 1938 or something like that. It will be the timeline and family between the two current series.
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    The sun makes it look like the front of the new one is darker than the sides. I'd take option 1, but I'd leave the new one alone and change the front color of the old one to the dark color of the new one.
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    Well Now, I Knew It Was Coming...Jr Monkey Got Suspended Today

    Sounds like you handled it very good. Don't underestimate the impact of your actions, on your son and the impression it makes. When I was in 8th grade there was a glass display case that was broken. I was pushed and went into the case, not my fault, but I was blamed. The school wanted...
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    13 seconds

    The Chiefs problem isn't playing great for 13 seconds, 13 minutes or even 25 minutes. But they never seem to play great for a full 60 minutes.