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    I am thinking about buying a new boat… Need Opinions?

    I think it needs some comfortable seating.
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    2022 Silverado Update

    I like it!
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    15 years later

    ‘I’ve got 2001 2500 HD crew, 193,000miles, original brakes. I don’t know how they di it butI like it.
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    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

    Thanks you guys for the info!
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    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

    Thanks Tom for the info. Costco in Palm Desert didn’t have them today.
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    Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

    Which model do you guys use? I see them on Amazon $49 to $339. I hate having a bunch of little appliances on the kitchen counters. Will I use it?
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    Looking to Buy Yukon Denali

    Does your wife go through brakes like my ex-wife did? One reason I got rid of her…the wife, not the Burb :)
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    National Guard deployed to Tahoe

    They are there to help with the massive forest fire. It has nothing to do with law enforcement.
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    GMC Dealer

    Dutton seems to have a pretty good inventory.
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    NFL Gamepass

    No more NFL, NBA, MLB FOR me anymore!
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    2011 GMC Sierra 1500

    Nice truck!
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    2011 GMC Sierra 1500

    2WD OR 4WD…..It does not say?
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    Hooty hoo ranch

    Nice property!
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    Tom Brown...Where is...Tom Brown?

    Didn’t Brown have a dispute or two with people here?