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    Road Trip Input

    I called a few campgrounds this morning and they informed me they were open for "essential travel" and make you sign a waiver before entering. Also sounded like you were limited to a night which wouldnt be a bad thing for a road trip.
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    Road Trip Input

    🤣 It was funny to see a handful of people still walking around the beach with masks on- Like COVID is still a thing....! Destinations you mentioned above is what I am leaning towards., hoping we can make this happen!
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    Road Trip Input

    It was beautiful yesterday, we were at Silver strand. Thought it would have been busier down there than it was.
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    Road Trip Input

    Was in your neck of the woods yesterday!
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    Road Trip Input

    Ventura County
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    Road Trip Input

    With all of the craziness going on in the world, I was thinking about throwing the wife and kids in the motorhome and going on a road trip somewhere- just not sure where. We have already done 3 week long trips to the river since the start of all of the "pandemic" and are heading back to the...
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    The murder hornets............

    Do you think Murder Hornets was code for Looter and Antifa scumbags?
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    Boating Content

    Miss the Howard yet?
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    so where do we go from here?

    Great video and she is absolutely spot on. You have to love the white home girl arguing with a black lady about BLM.....
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    Gavin Newsom on his knees

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    New build Eliminator 27 Speedster

    Good news, hopefully you are starting a build thread with the new rig...
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    Smaller boat organization.

    True Story
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    shit is going down in minnesotta......multiple vids

    It was refreshing to see the protesters in LA were protesting with face masks on.