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  • lol...I thought that might get your attention....Just messing with the Jeepers too
    i did not twist his nipple for you.. but i told you him you wanted me too.. he giggles and says ole barry..lol life is great.. going to lake whitney this weekend for plowmans... should be a good weekend....
    Don't have have one.. T mentioned a b-day party @ the river for you... gonna try and make it out....
    I know!! I was just giving you shit! The list that is most recent was copied from one of the multiple lists.... and My name and roz name next to you is gone!! Hey what going on? Haven't heard from you lately!
    that wasn't very nice to take ROZ & I 's name off the list of where to stay. meanie
    I'dunn know... she a twit... LOL No kids this weekend should be at the RIVER!! BUt nooooooo your playing w/ your balls and there will be other men there!! How's T & N?
    oh a donut.... that sounds good...not.. no there is not one person i know that loves to come here..lol . like going to the heart dr...... congrats on being there so long..
    well yes i am back at work..tear.lol we are so slow it doesnt really matter...... how is your day starting out??
    the weekend was slow.. but i felt better by saturday... so it was a nice weekend in the end..
    well i know what you mean whenabout playing for the other team.....lol that lady has issues....for sure.. i dont have any,,,,
    oh come on you would look hot with that tat on your back...lmao not.. yes you might wanna make sure it is not like that if she wants one.. but i am sure she has class and would never put that on her........
    wow just looked at that thread and omg.... i did not see what it was at first but then i seen what it was.. i would die if i had a daughter and she came home with that... lol
    no i did not see that thread.. i will go look at it.. yes it is my weekend.... i just hope the migraine doesnt come back...
    well i am off on fridays so this is a free day for me.. yesturday my head was hurting so bad i did not get off the sofa... hope your night was good and today is great aswell
    i am still sick and feel like crap..i have a migraine from hell.. thnaks for asking about me.. i stayed at home and been on the sofa all day........how is your day?
    well he is a jerk.... it sounds like your daughter and you have a great relationship.. thats great, me and my dad are also close and i love it..
    no please dont hold anything back..not like i havenot said it already.. no i feel like shit still and i hot and cold... thanks for asking.. so how old is your daughter?
    yes he cheated on my and found girl panites that were not mine in my dresser..lol he said they were his sisters...i bet. well that was that... lol
    there is alot of mudin in the winter.. well that was until by b/f at the time cheated on me..lol yes we drink alot more beer in the winter. how does that work...lol
    yes i bet you have heard some story's. umm about the the balls...golf balls are not my thing.. 4 wheelin, the beach, the lake the river or camping sounds like a better time to me...
    yes putting my hands in someones mouth is not that great... it can be nasty at times... i would rather be on the water then some green grass place playin golf...
    i do not play golf.... sorry..sounds like you know alot about hitting balls around...lol just kidding....i bet it is better than putting your fingers in someones mouth...lol so who takes of you when your sick..
    no i assist in the cleaning... there is nothing wrong with someone wanting to not feel crappy.. so what do you do for work?
    i went to work but i came home.. i clean teeth.... i am the biggest baby when i am sick or hurt..it is sad... like what you said all i want is someone to give alittle time and company with me... but there is no one home right now, so i am laying on down and resting...
    well thank you so much for the heart filled get well wished.. i am sure that the thb peeps have thier own crap going on.... so that leaves me to tend to my self after awhile you get use to it..lol..
    sunday we got a massive rain storm aswell.. wenr under the bridge and waited it out with some great peeps.. first mate would not been so bad if there was no rain.. we had a good time in the rain.. now i have or getting the flu and that sucks.. we drank but not to much..
    we had a great weekend on the water and way to much to drink.. what about your labor day weekend, was it a good one??
    lol we have ones that ride horses and then the ones that cheer for that football team..lol
    yes we have both.. texas should be on teh top of anyones list of places to boat and see..... lol
    well thats cool...... land slides dont sound like a fun time.. we dont have those here in the great state of texas...lol or wild fires.... just wild heat and crazy times...
    must be nice to have a high of 68..lol that sucks about the fires. do they have them undercontrol??
    well this morning it was chilly outside.. like it was 68 degrees.. it was nice.. well it is like 92 outside but thats a break from our 100 a week ago.. how is your day??
    Eh, I'm not worried about the weather. From what I saw, it looks like isolated thunderstorms. Those quickly pass through in the desert. Make no mistake about it though, it will be humid as hell. I forecast swamp ass for all you boys all weekend long.
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