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    BBC Parts

    All motor parts sold. Still have the trans adapter.
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    BBC Parts

    I try and ch I’ll try and check for you tonight. Sorry, we are in the middle of harvest
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    Parts Garage Sale!

    Cool. Let me know what shipping is to 93625
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    RIP Roger Roadstrom Jr.

    So sad to hear. Great people. All so helpful when we started racing and Jr would always stop by and make sure we were doing good. He wanted me to buy that damn flat when they got out of it, wish I was in the position to.
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    BBC Parts

    Isky Racing Cams 366-RHM Endurance Plus Roller Lifter $300 28 hours 540 rotating assembly. Velasco crank, unknown rods, Icon pistons. See pt #. $500 unknown hours on cranks and rods, 28 hours on pistons. Spun #8 rod bearing turbo 400 adapter. Friction is pretty worn. Unknown hours. $50...
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    Vegas Hotel w/ secured parking for boat??

    Stayed at whatever hotel is with Bass Pro Shops when they first came to town. Lots of campers and boats out there with security. Is BPS still there?
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    Parts Garage Sale!

    I’ll give you $110 for the prop and cavitation motor shipped to fresno.
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    west coast vacation

    Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yosemite. Tenaya lodge might have their ice rink open by then. And the old train through the hills universal studios D land
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    1974 '22 Foot Schiada V-Drive -$19,000

    Bump! Cuz everyone says they want a Schiada. Here it is.
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    Calgo steering help

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    Howard 2” runner bottom restore

    Did he ever put the tiny cavitation plates on the outsides? Looks like the cav bar is set up for it.
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    Rudder Issue

    My first thought but he says the top half of the shaft turns.
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    Rudder Issue

    try Connolly, Bergeron or NME boats for replacement.
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    Rudder Issue

    Broke in 2? Never heard of that happening. Maybe there is a ‘detent’ at the quadrant for the clamping bolt and there was a major rust issue and it split there?...keeping the top half clamped to it? Bottom half stayed in the boat because you had a couple proper safety collars? Glad you didn’t get...
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    Best restaurant's in Lake Tahoe?

    Charthouse and Evans. Evans took care of us during the heavy pandemic with a big party when nobody else would. Then stayed open late while we continued to wash down a killer dinner. Family owned and operated. Great couple.