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    Get away-So Cal Casinos v Vegas

    The Mrs and myself have a 2 night pass from the kids this weekend. Looking for a hard hitting getting away. With all of these Covid protocols in place, I am unsure if Vegas is the right spot and the whole barrier/masks Vibe is even worth the let down. I am looking into Local So Cal Casinos...
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    received my 1st shot Friday. Pfizer and the needle seemed longer than the flew shot needle that was used on me about a month earlier. 45 year old Male 0- Mexican no underlying health issues and healthy. sore arm about 4 hours later on injection site, which seemed a little high to me. minor...
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    New Car Advice

    Just a word of advice on CPOs as that is all I've purchased... Warranty mileage is not in addition... its a total of.. so if you buy a 40k mile vehicle with a 75k warranty.... that means only 35k worth of coverage. Also the years on the warranty isn't from date of purchase, its from the date of...
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    Covid and business

    We Export Fruits and Veggies, which Is about 70% of our division.... matches my portfolio and I was down about 60% of volume compared to 2019. Some what shifted sales focus to augment loss with Continental US based business so really only dropped around 30% for myself... 2021 will still be...
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    Why All Deaths are labeled Covid

    So safe to say... KP hasn't received 1 cent due to Covid... but doesn't mean they won't get $? Also, the possibility of some thought, condition or path to possible subsidies correct? If no subsidies, as noted higher premiums... sort of like taking on uninsured emergency cases.. eat it and pass...
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    Why All Deaths are labeled Covid

    Always been an LR2 Fan... But as Joe Public, no one does anything for free.. KP or any hospital. No profitable elective surgeries allowed? They need to make $ somehow and doing Covid type of services and all the OT employees are doing and getting paid for (I think you mentioned in a thread $38k...
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    Lost a great man today!!

    Father in Laws can be really AWESOME... I have been very very lucky... I had 2 great FIL's with Wife 1.0..... Wife 2.0 has given me a great FIL that has taught me a ton as I am raising kids... My condolences
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    Covid vaccine personal info

    Co-worker got his at little company of Mary, his wife set up last week..was really easy for them Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Mohave Co. vehicles torched at Havi Courthouse

    Someone wasn't happy with the enforcement of the Channel mooring rules.... Tisk Tisk....
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    What are you Paying / What should we be paying to get our taxes done?

    I pay $240.. and I feel a bit cheated.. Married Joint filimg but single income household.. I'm in sales with some sales deductions.. long form I think... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    The Rona kicked my ass......

    i have a question for you if you don't mind answering... did you put yourself in a position of a higher risk of getting the 'Rona (i.e. gathering/going out/eff the rules)... and if so.... was it worth it? I'm to the point of EFF IT I am going to live out of the cocoon a bit more...but being...
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    Missing a KTM quad?

    Working in DTLA I see all types of Homeless groups.. there is a new one by my office...I shit you not..... Ingersoll Rand 80 KW generator powering up 3 RVs.... Commercial Light Tower w/gen.. Flatbed trucks and shit ton of enclosed trailers (work/pleasure). You know these are all stolen and...
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    2021 housing market predictions....

    Funny.... 2012 for me...... Some lives just parallel each other... LOL
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    2021 housing market predictions....

    I empathize with bldrinker, I think hes a bit younger than me, but went through the same familiar issues I went through with wife 1.0, he stuck with his wife though LOL... Anyhoo, its a hard pill swallowed to ever forget 2008 era when you personally experienced self inflicted hard ship and...
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    CCSD can't fix stupid!

    Loved this guy!! https://www.newswars.com/video-furious-father-slams-school-board-for-covid-closures/