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    XM Radio Renewal

    Make it easy for yourself... Just did this... Ask to reduce the yearly rate to some silly # like $40 or $50 a year... they'll come back with a special rate.. say no again.. hem and haw... take the 6 months rate at $30 and be done with it.. easier for them to do 6 months than a 1 year. It's a...
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    Garage door opener - universal remote

    I have an extra one for free if you need it.. just like this
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    Windshield Repair

    Secret to a small star/ spider crack repair... My rule is if it's the size of a thumb or smaller you can use this approach... get some bearing grease, put a good amount on, let it sit in direct sunlight for a few days, it bleeds in and pretty much seals it. Works best for some reason on hotter...
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    Filthy Rich, Jeffrey Epstein Story - Netflix

    I think it was 26 times that was mentioned on the documentary.
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    Toyota Santa Monica Looted

    Like good ol' Bernie said.. Businesses Loot us, let us loot them..... SMH
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    Labrador Breeders- So Cal/AZ??

    I've owned both yellow and Black... Yellow seems to be better and easier to train for me.... I was thinking chocolate just to change it up, I've seen online that they even have silvegray as well, but I want to stick to more traditional colors. Kansas is a bit far for a dog, I love them, but I...
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    Labrador Breeders- So Cal/AZ??

    American lab for us...
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    Labrador Breeders- So Cal/AZ??

    Good morning Inmates, ' I will soon begin a hunt for a new member to our family in the next few months, wanted to get any insight on local breeders in So Cal. If anyone has any personal experience with any, it would be appreciated. My preference is to get the lab as a puppy, I've never adopted...
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    Hawaii Travel Update

    Same Here...... Just the thought of having to wear a mask everywhere and dining issues are really spooking me...
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    Literally just about shit myself right now..

    Shit like that creeps me out, I'm not a crazy spirit guy, but I believe at times, spirits are at times talking to us.... Or google really has great AI... LOL
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    SoCal Pools and Landscape builds

    Hey Tim, just a random question... If a baller customer came up and said "I Need this pool done yesterday, here is a blank check", how long can you flip a Pool from Design, Dig to Pool Party? Inspections and Permits aside, and not a super complicated set up, but something pretty nice with...
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    So....Anyone booking any vacations?

    We have a family Vacation planned and booked since Jan to Maui/Oahu... I was able to get a travel voucher from Hawaiian due to the drop in air fare, I was surprised about that, got back $550 (minus service fee).. But I've been monitoring rates for hotels and no real deals to beat what we have...
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    What are you seeing on ticket refunds?

    We have a family vacation planned in July ... Airfare has dropped a ton, I reached out and I couldn't believe that the airline gave me a travel credit for the difference per ticket... Came out to around $160 per ticket, , but what didn't surprise me was the $40 service fee per ticket to process...
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    RIP Brian Dennehy

    Bummer, great Actor....Loved him in Silverado, Rambo!
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    Huge thank you to so cal pools.

    It was funny going back to work today and seeing everyone with the stink eye because of my awesome tan.... LOL... Great times were had on an awesome sunny day!