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  • I apologize for that. He's a great bartender, I'm just afraid with the environments in which he's worked previously he may not have encountered that...maybe. Please understand that I am by no means making excuses for the situation. I'll make sure that this is covered with everyone that could at one point in time or another be behind the bar. If all else fails it should be understood that you ask before making that decision. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and am grateful that you will give us the opportunity to fix it. We've had the privilege to develop a relationship with you and your family and would be crushed if we had done something to make you feel as though you couldn't or shouldn't come see us again.

    Thanks again Ross! We look forward to seeing you Friday!!

    Hi Becky.
    We're OK, some of the customers got worked up because our change on the bar was being collected as if it were tips before anyone left.
    We all had no choice but to leave because the bartender collected everyones money (change),,
    I think he needs to understand that most of us leave our money on the bar, especially
    when we're wearing wet swim suits.
    You know how it works, the bartender usually just takes the amt of money for the drinks,, but he took it all so we had to leave,, we were broke.
    We'll be back, we got over it.

    Nice you wrote, we'll be back.
    See you guys Friday,
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