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    So Cal fire question??

    just compare the fires to the UN agenda 21 map and ill think you will start to understand.
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    28 Skater, Speed Racer boat, help me find it!

    $89,0001997 28' Skater 2017 250XS powerheads with 3 years warranty leftHuntington Beach, CA · over a week ago
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    A dog picture thread

    Love to see the dog strapped in, just fyi I had my dog strappped in once and it still attempted to jump out and got caught under my tire. Ripped his tail off. Well the skin anyway. Yep looked like a cartoon just a tail that was all bone. He lived and grew old, Minus a tail.
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    Do you live below your financial means?

    If you inevest 30% of your income per year after 5 years you will be back to where started. Meaning you will have 100% of your 5 year prior income as disposable and will be able to continue you the 30% investment. Doing this your income will go up every year and so will the 30%
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    Biggest Housing Boom In History

    I look for linear markets where you don't get much price appreciation and the dirt has next to zero value. Midwest at this time. ID MS TN IA. I cashed out of the high flying markets and buy 3 for 1. I look at it like im buying a commodity basket that the world puts a value on. Not the local...
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    Biggest Housing Boom In History

    Very interesting thread, As you can see from the above your house is not an asset, a asset puts money in your pocket liabilities take it out. When you live in your home the only way you can make money is when you sell it and most likely cause of the expense of owning you will just break even...
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    Selling a rental property

    Sell and take the 72k and buy 3 more in the mid west (land lord friendly), your cash flow will go to about 900 per month. rentals can easily make you 40% roi per year. Yes renters can suck but there is always a cost to make money.
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    Havasu North Shore this morning...........grab your boards

    Windy as all get up for sure,