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    Predator 3500 inverter questions

    That is the exact scenario I was thinking of when TPC was explaining how you can’t overfill it past the line! Lol Its 2:30am, and I’m pouring all the gas in that sucker in the dark before I stumble into the rig for bed 😂
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    Predator 3500 inverter questions

    So what im hearing is ditch the evap canister shit? Possible?
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    Quick note on the Cyber Attacks

    So who's the fuck nugget trying to take RDP down?
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    Any heavy drinkers here? I recommend...

    That is sweet! Ready to roll cocktails. Now if they can only get that "river pour" down (1/2 of the red cup is liqour....) we'd be in buisiness
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    4 seat speed UTV

    In before the elimination
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    4 seat speed UTV

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    Buick Competes With The F150

    7.3? Never heard of her
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    Cheetah Shop tour and 22 / 26 wildcat photo shoots!

    Did any of these require a throttle stop? I like the wildcats, i'd love to have one
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    Hey LAM

    Oh hell yea we do! Just kidding lol.... We actually do quite a bit. Since we lost the Rzr, we use it as the family desert cruiser when the kids aren't on bikes. Cal City, Jawbone, Dove Springs, Pismo, etc. Nov - April
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    Hey LAM

    Congrats! Congrats, clean TJ! 4.0? Auto or manual? Whats are your plans, gonna wheel it?
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    Flys in the house

    Hell yea! The *snap* sound is pretty intense eh???? Lol
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    Lifters on a 5.3

    Bang for the buck would be swapping in a 6.0 LQ4 or LQ9 if we can find a decent one. 2007 or prior as they are 24 tooth reluctor wheel motors which are compatible with your trucks harness and ECM. You can build your 5.3 into a 383 too….but it’s starts costing more than most would want to spend
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    Lifters on a 5.3

    It’s due to the aftermarket cam being ground on a smaller base circle for sure. Most aftermarket cams end up taking a 7.425” to get the preload back within range, so long as nothing change with heads or deck heights. The stock GM pushrods are called a 7.4 but the measure closer to 7.390 if I...
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    Lifters on a 5.3

    Eh? The “LS7” part number lifter became the late model LS truck lifter. Same height.