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    Get em while you can... aqua lily pad

    It's about 1/2 the weight and buoyancy of the "real" one direct from Aqua Lily, right? My renter lost ours and replaced at Costco, but I haven't even opened the box cause it feels so light it can't be the same pad
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    You guys ever play with the website Yacht Tracker? Pretty cool

    Put the cocktails ON the boat !
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    You guys ever play with the website Yacht Tracker? Pretty cool

    Sometime I track Brett on "find friends". But the boat don't move!
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    Yacht vs. Boat

    If it sucks water, its a bote
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    Yacht vs. Boat

    When exiting the saloon, you pass thru a sliding door similar to your house..... You got yourself a yacht. Matter of fact - if they used the term "Saloon" when selling it to you - it's probably a yacht. If it has a real-estate "for sale" sign affixed to the bulpit - Probably a yacht If the...
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    I was just saying this the other day! My uncle has a country place That no one knows about He says it used to be a farm Before the Motor Law And on Sundays I elude the eyes And hop the Turbine Freight To far outside the Wire Where my white-haired uncle waits Jump to the ground As the Turbo...
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    Desert Storm Weekend and AMA Race Same Weekend

    Is the Laughlin River Run happening? That was always the traffic killer ....... I plan to stay thru Monday to avoid the whole drama on the way home
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    Window debate! Thoughts?

    Meet up in person, make peace, resolve the issue and move forward. It's not worth blowing the situation up and making the rest of the project very uncomfortable and confrontational. You gotta know when to stop emailing / texting, and just meet up and squash the beef. Shit gets needlessly...
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    I wonder what his Handicap will be now?
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    Footage is grainy, but it looks like he ran out of talent
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    They just released some dash cam footage. Looks pretty bad, he hit hard.
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    100 MPH Boat cost

    Move that cat out of the way so we can see a picture of it
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    I'd take a mulligan
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    Tiger Woods in hospital

    Play the car where it lies
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    I just can’t win

    Don’t crank that wheel too hard