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    The getting old and retiring in Havasu thread.

    I'll just add some of the same....the medical care here is horrendous and the last couple of years, the service here sucks. Like others said its a crap shoot if you can even get a call back, and even less odds they show up. But...its Havasu so all the things you like about it to vacation here...
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    Black Rifle Coffee goes Racing

    I think the parting with Monster was at least partially driven by his big gun 2A push all over his social media. In todays society, Monster might have been worried about becoming a target of the cancel culture with all the new recent mass shootings. I know BJ's video on the separation made it...
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    What the hell happened to Lavey boats?

    I had someone tell me last week RPM is in the process of buying them out, no idea of the legitmacy but it did make me think about recentl relationship they had, Lavey closing down the shop etc...who knows
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    What time do the cars start gathering for the Thursday car show?

    a lot of our cars don't have AC, so once you pass temps in the 80's its not as appealing lol
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    [WTS] 1957 Ford F100 Bell phone truck

    this is one of those things that I have no idea why or what I'd do with it specifically...but damn I want it just because. Very cool and clean piece for sure, should be an easy sell
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    Desert Storm Shootout

    king was the 174 and it was in the 33 daytona driven by the new ownert. Quenn was Randy's Daughter in the 52 MTI at I think 160 something
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    Desert Storm Shootout

    doens't look like its being updated
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    First Windsor closure of the season.......

    last night seemed far busier than the last few years on Thursday night so it doesn't suprise me.
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    Any mobile home installers available in Topock?

    are there advantages/disadvantages of setting it on a concrete pad?
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    Rdp Raft Up Friday

    there was like 6 or 7 of them if I remember right from the map posted the other day. but now I can't remember where it was posted
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    Rdp Raft Up Friday

    is this in one of the non speed limited areas? I need to pull that map back out but remember my normal spot was right near one of the speed capped spots
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    All American Battery, LHC

    well he's got and building some badass bronco's so he's got that to entertain him
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    JEEP Gladiator + $$$$ + 45" Tires + Gooseneck Trailer Towing = 1 Very Hot Rig

    nice! I'm trying very hard to have some restraint with this truck. in stock form its beyond capable for most things and since I have a dedicated offroad truck I don't need it to be the end all. We will use it on a few long haul trips, some towing, so I'm trying to keep it tame. But damn I see...
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    All American Battery, LHC

    couple weeks back I needed a battery specific to size to fit a box. sat with them reviewing the Deka AGM's to find one that checked the boxes and he had it there in 2 days. I won't go anywhere else for a battery in town
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    JEEP Gladiator + $$$$ + 45" Tires + Gooseneck Trailer Towing = 1 Very Hot Rig

    I just picked up a '21 Power Wagon with the 6.4 and 4.10's. it only has 33's stock but alot of people swap to 35's without issue, 37's requires trimming on stock suspension. So far at 2k miles I've been impressed with it offroad and decently well with towing.