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    Embroidery needed...

    TAS in Glendora is great: https://tassigns.com/ I have a home hobby machine, but it would not do well on vinyl.
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    Northridge Earthquake - 25 years ago today

    Rivermobster forgot to mention that I was living with my grandma and attending Cal State Northridge at the time. I was 500 miles away visiting my mom at the time. I missed the whole thing and he said "don't come home... It's a mess here." He was my hero for checking in on my family, literally...
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    I stepped in it last night....

    It's nice that you care about your wife's feelings. No matter what I make or offer to make, rivermobster always wants the same thing, every effing time.... "something else."
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    Is it me, or are home prices high

    It's a Ponzi scheme because the money is coming from the bottom up. You buy a condo for cheap. You wait a few years until you have "equity" and a new buyer comes along into the game and they buy your house for value + profit for you. You take that profit and buy a bigger house, paying the...
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    Happy Birthday 460!!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Is it me, or are home prices high

    It's the biggest Ponzi scheme EVER.
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    When Ancestry.com Backfires

    There's also the Ancestry surprise when you send in your 94 year old grandmother's cheek swab to lock down her genetic ancestry and you get an e-mail saying, "we found a parent-child match." Turns out the son she gave up for adoption at 21 was also curious about his genetics!
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    Room for rent in Azuza /Glendora/Duarte CA for a college student??

    Tell her to change her city to Glendora, then join the "Real Housewives of Glendora." We moms/ladies network for things like this.
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    Congrats Anthony Cuccia!

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    Congrats Anthony Cuccia!

    It's actually Cuccio, but this is not the first time we have been asked that! Thank you, John, for participating in this very important step in Anthony's life!
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    Still doesn't say teen drivers (nor any other family members, i.e. brother, mother, grandmother, etc.) aren't covered *nor* does it say that they must be added to the policy. If you *want* to insure them, you can do that. But they are covered under our policy, as stated in the actual policy.
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    On the contrary, the policy page I posted states that "INSURED" is "You *AND* resident relatives" (and our kids definitely fall under the 'resident relative' definition -- the exception being a married dependent child who is away at school and no longer maintains the home address... but if you...
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    The policy book actually identifies "resident relatives" as those who are covered as insured. Not "visiting" but "resident" relatives.
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    Congrats if you have Geico Auto Ins.

    Actually, our Jetta insurance just went up a bit, but not because of us.... Because they changed the class of the vehicle. I don't know how that works, but it is what it is. True story on the teen drivers - they are guests just like a neighbor or friend. They don't have their own vehicles so...
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    Lyme Disease...

    As long as rivermobster thinks he is making the decision, we should be able to move forward. ;)