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    Jack Smith Launch Slurry Seal

    Same situation. Went to launch and buy annual pass and saw the closed signs. Launched at Needles Marina instead for more money ($20) with a dirt road and dirt parking lot
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    Been sitting on the 40

    I had plenty of time to Google them while I was sitting there and it’s an “expedition” trailer company. Supposed to be better off road than regular trailers. It for sure looked cool, but I think you would need to be a serious off the grid type person to get one.
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    Been sitting on the 40

    Not going to Havasu.. we have a house in Fort Mohave. Doesn’t make sense to take the 10 if you are north of the 40
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    Been sitting on the 40

    1:20 to get through (pics are reverse order on accident)
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    Been sitting on the 40

    Thanks. Just pulled up on it
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    Been sitting on the 40

    I’m rolling east through Ludlow right now. Any way around the traffic? How much time did the traffic add to the drive?
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    New Lot Owner in Mohave Valley, AZ

    We are building in Fort Mohave and using Pawan who is Patriot Estates. Fair prices, will build whatever you want. PM if you want more details
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    Please school me in toy haulers!

    We have a Jayco T30F toy hauler that we bought new in 2017 and it’s been a great trailer for us. No big issues, large fresh water and grey/black tanks, 40 gallon fuel station, 16’ garage, king size bed up front, large bathroom, and a decent amount of storage considering it’s a toy hauler. We...
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    How do you get added to the list to get permission?
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    Something new this way comes (Shockwave)

    Are you joking? Someone told you about someone else’s boat... that’s 3rd hand information. You have no proof for yourself, but yet you post a rumor and then try to back it up???? I used to respect you and what you did for the legacy of the dam run, but not anymore. You just proved that you are a...
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    Something new this way comes (Shockwave)

    Unsubstantiated rumors from 1 person but yet you feel the need to continue said rumor?? If it was YOUR boat that had an issue, cool.. but it’s second hand information from someone else... come on @Riley1, you are better than that
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    Angled big block valve covers.

    Wrong BigMike lol
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    Something new this way comes (Shockwave)

    I had a 2011 28’ deck for 8 years and never had hull cracks. I now have a 2017 28’ deck and no hull cracks. Only heard of one boat having problems and the guy asked for it to be built light and he beat the shit out of it. Yes, they are building boats at a crazy pace right now but they would...
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    Bullhead City 3bed, 2bath, 40’ deep garage

    Accepted an offer. In Escrow now