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    Rv pics.

    Have had tow behinds and wanted to try 5th wheel. Also wanted something older so I could fuck around with it a little with some customizing. So picked up the WW 3505 :) Previous owner did the wall sag fix , new 7k axles with kodiak disc brakes, so decent base under it.
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    Looking for some Home Gym Equipment

    I have had several different versions of a home gym since I am not a fan of gym memberships. I have had simple weight bench to cage systems. Before Covid I used martial arts for cardio and then off days I lifted. Now i have a few items. First was a water Rower, I rented this for now just in case...
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    Weekend Warrior 5th Wheel

    How was owning it, any real issues? Thinking I may save some money and buy one of these, probably the 31 though. Not sure that it is a good move compared to a new trailer.
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    $379 for me, right after Gov Grusome declare his superior self on us all in CA. After hours at 380 ...about.
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    [WTS] 2020 Heartland Fuel 250 Toy Hauler $34900

    Never used - personal reason forces sale. This one has the Octane package, Boost package and spark package. • Onan 4000 • 15K BTU A/C IPO of 13.5K • 10 gallon DSI gas/electric water heater • Power Awning w/LED Light Strip • Solar on side (port) • Dual 30 gal LP Tanks • Backup camera prep • Fuel...
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    Browsing for a toy hauler and then I saw this!! Do you see it?

    I think it made the value go up 10k!! right?
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    Tesla's "Checkmate" move

    We have a 3 in mind for my wife, but besides for the initial cost, it seems repairing them is a major issue. I think this may be where companies like Ford are going to start to eat away at Tesla, having the ability to repair the cars at local known dealers. Elon is a character for sure and I for...
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    Buying a used car from a private party question?

    I have done it both ways. If you are financing the car, that business will have the dmv paperwork and information to send to carmax. I have also sold cars and trailers and meet them at my credit union where my loan was and they pay the loan and tranfer title right there. Tha truck I bought 6...
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    [WTB] Ford F350 or Dodge 3500 Crew 4x4

    Clean are you in So Cal? all stock?
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    [WTB] Ford F350 or Dodge 3500 Crew 4x4

    I do thanks. Plan on making it right and i should be good. Hard to justify 40k or more for a truck i use twice a month. The 6.4 sound even worse.
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    [WTB] Ford F350 or Dodge 3500 Crew 4x4

    Sounds like a good deal, just need a 3500 for the payload of a 5th wheel.
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    [WTB] Ford F350 or Dodge 3500 Crew 4x4

    SRW the DRW is just too wide for my RV area to maneuver.
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    [WTB] Ford F350 or Dodge 3500 Crew 4x4

    Looking for a F350 2005 -2007 Crew 4x4 or a Dodge crew 4x4 3500 2005- 2010 $25k max SRW Thanks
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    My first Real Estate listing

    Good time for real estate I guess. I just put the family log cabin up for sale for what I felt was a little high to sell. I had had a few item to fix and clean up because it was a rental. 2 days after i sign the realtor agreement he tells me we have a full solid offer with 30 day escrow...BOOM...