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    Straight out of frikn stupid / front lifted trucks

    With Pismo closing, where are all the no cal squatters going to get stuck?
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    Rats! Wheeler was right!

    Snail bait is helping. I put 3 small containers with sponges soaked in Odoban under the hood and another 2 on each front tire. No sign of any visitors in 4 nights. Odoban is a eucalyptus scented disinfectant we found at the home depot. You can smell it as you pass the truck. Rats are not...
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    MC Pursuit!

    Had to leave, did they get him?
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    Another 3/4,1ton owner that doesn't need a wd or take the time to set up their shit correctly. Look at the ball mount. Trailer was probably nose high and that bent the frame. And you know with a 3/4 or 1 ton, you never feel any trailer or wind.
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    Nice! State Farm Dividend Checks

    Just got 4 for my fleet of 4. Just under 600. Didn't get shit for the bote or the quads or travel trailer or the house. Guess they didn't bone me on these.
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    Echo and Ring

    Kind of bullshit. Fortunately I have an older ring. Didn't see the other thread.
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    Echo and Ring

    Amazon echo and ring cameras will share wifi with neighbors in 10 days. Article on 5/29. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/05/amazon-devices-will-soon-automatically-share-your-internet-with-neighbors/
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    shooting at Agua Dulce fire station

    People snap for many reasons. Glad I don't supervise any more. I was at Piper Tech during the Woods shooting. Not fun on lock down.
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    The future of tow vehicles?

    Let's take them to Telephone Cove.
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    The future of tow vehicles?

    I thought 3/4 and one tons diesels didn't feel any load or wind. 🤔
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    15/215 Interchange NB

    So many things wrong, not an F150, single axel, not n F450, not enough tongue weight, it's a GM product and needs a different prop. Hope he makes it.
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    I actually looked this up...

    Lately you can't walk down the aisles with out them stocking the shelves or picking online deliveries. Then there's only one open check by stand to buy booze.
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    Boat weight trailering.....

    Bigger truck isn't always the answer. ever see a 3/4 ton clod towing with the nose looking at the moon. It all starts with the driver. Towed heavy for years with a half ton. Now I'm towing half the weight, but it's still on me to set it up correctly.
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    Super blood red moon eclipse tomorrow morning

    To many clouds in Bullhead.
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    Boat weight trailering.....

    Rest in Peace young man. Prayers for the family. Toyhaulers get tricky, especially that tank set up. Not much tounge weight when black and gray are empty. Mine always towed better coming home with full bng.