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    Turning Point propellers

    Been using the TP 4 blade aluminum for years. I have two patches l, one for carrying a load of people and one for just me and my y wife(more top end). Great price, good performance. Excellent for a spare.
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    Toyota's Hitchless Towing Technology Turns Science Fiction Into Reality

    Bitches hate hitches. Hitches cause stitches.
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    Help! Snap-on tool liquidation / Estate sale?

    Sorry for your loss. I have a friend with a collection close to this. He has instructions for his wife and daughters. Droolin' over the vise grip drawer.
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    First time in my life..

    They were very supportive of our Scout troop several years back. We have one in Whittier now. I like it but way to much sodium to have on a regular basis. My wife likes the cale salad.
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    Let's not make assumptions about this guy.

    Flew in 1991, next flight was 2018. All the tsa bullshit was a rude awakening.
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    Attn All Smog Deleted Diesel Trucks !

    Efforts would be better spent prosecuting cat thieves federally. But that would mean these poor misguided, held down by the man thieves would be punished instead of let free.
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    Channel Music ???

    Tell her to piss of and then blast "Earache my eye"
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    So nothing else is going on today

    Joe settled the RxR saga
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    Used cars

    I thought all inmates started with a "What's this worth" thread on RDP first. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I think it's a great way to get it to someone you have an affiliation with. I would much rather buy or sell to an inmate.
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    Used cars

    Get used to your gonna have 2 million plus border brothers.
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    DBL Designs severe duty F550. Thoughts?

    Looks pretty good yet still a ford and not an F150
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    Bombs Ahoy!

    That bumper dumper could cause to much tougue weight for a half ton. Until you lighten the load.
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    Todays safety lesson……don’t eat earbuds

    In the end, this could've hilarious.
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    Raider Fans Are Awesome

    In this case, open hand would be as useful as a warning shot. You may not get another chance. Maybe he should have pulled her hair.