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    44' Magic

    Sounds like it needed bravo 3 XR drives then
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    44' Magic

    Magic power boats now you see the drive, now you don’t.
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    44' Magic

    Am General M923 military tow tractor. Not sure if it’s an A2 until someone shows me a detailed pic.
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    TCM 1200 Hard Backfire

    Cranking voltage is not an issue for what I said. Just running voltage.
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    TCM 1200 Hard Backfire

    Pcm won’t lose it tunes. Either the computer works or doesn’t. If it’s running it’s working. Fuel pressure test Compression test Leak down test
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    TCM 1200 Hard Backfire

    Low battery voltage does all kind of bad things to efi Injectors can pulse less so less fuel and more lean. If you heard hollow sounding pops and saw the intake flex that is a lean back fire. Rich back fires are fireballs out the tail pipes. Most likely you blew intake manifold gaskets and...
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    Mike Finnegan’s new 21 Daytona!!

    So how much is a bare mold of that size from them for sale nowadays.
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    Shit going down in Huntington Beach

    Wait till they say the cop is not guilty
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    [WTB] Wtb looking for a 250 dirt bike. Four stroke.

    Got a 2005 crf250x with a ton of mods
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    Cruise trim is this Trim up till you porpoise then trim down a touch till it stops. The steering will feel lighter as you go to high as well Trim and max speed are a whole different rodeo
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    New ATF appointee was at Waco

    I need to find the pics where he is standing in front of burnt corpses
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    New ATF appointee was at Waco

    Fuck Biden. Fuck this cunt. I hope this pic ruins his appointment
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    Cylinder head tech for roots blowers

    This is a large case 6-71 not a small case. While it’s not a 14-71 it’s not a baby blower. after watching some videos from Richard holdener, the bigger heads make more power for sure on a 6-71. Also adding cubes jumped the power as well which I was surprised to see. small volume heads have...
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    Looking for a friend to drive pontoon on 4/10.

    Guess I should have done my 60 ton license last season lol
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    Laguna Seca WTF

    Damn never knew it was that bad.