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    Brawl at Wahweap Marina Docks..... WTF....

    Instafucks took it down.
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    Ordering a New Ram

    On my 2020 ram. I dealt with the dealer Anderson in Havasu. Got 10k below msrp and good trade in value. So I was happy. Not to mention on my trade in, I paid that much less in sales taxes on the new truck. Win all around. Not sure if you could pull that off today with all the bs going on...
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    Getting hammered!

    About fucking time! I like it!
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    Autometer Quality

    How old are these?
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    Brawl at Wahweap Marina Docks..... WTF....

    Nope, no chance. LOL Liquid courage is non alcoholic now.... What a fucking shit show
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    Brawl at Wahweap Marina Docks..... WTF....

    Had to search for the first one...lol oh well fugg it
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    Brawl at Wahweap Marina Docks..... WTF....

    Word is someone parked in someone else's slip and refused to move. The guy who kicks the guy in the head when he's down is a fucking pussy. The woman leaving the kid in the stroller on the edge of the dock is sketchy. The guy yeeting guys off the dock at the end is my hero. The guy commentating...
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    Antelope Point houseboats

    Yeah we’ve been a few years where we had all of warm creek to ourselves. Maybe 1 or 2 houseboats in all of warm creek. It was amazing to do water ski runs mid day by where the current castle rock cut is before it was dug. At particular water levels it was all reeds and it absorbed all the waves...
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    Antelope Point houseboats

    Negative, they are renting boats out of the Wahweap marina. That hasn’t changed. Most of those boats stay in the in the water year round. Some they pull during winter to dry dock for repairs and maintenance. They aren’t allowing private houseboats to launch.
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    I'm thirsty now
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    DCB down at Buckskin

    The faster you do the flush and pickle the motors and drain the water and get everything hot again the better. Heat will cook off all the moisture. A couple years ago, my buddy and I were out on his boat early one morning and one of the hose blew off in the bilge. We parked it in the slip and...
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    G19 vs G43

    Yep, just don't have a round in the chamber, carry it in the trunk, with magazines out/separated. Leave the larger than 10 round mags at home. Mostly just use common sense on the subject. Don't give a cop a reason to pull you over, and if he does never offer any additional information that...
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    G19 vs G43

    Nope, neither are on the CA roster. Now that being said that is of 2019 and purchases made after 2019. Now if purchased before, you can legally bring them in with 60 day notice to DOJ and proper paperwork. No threaded barrels, no magazines over 10 rounds.... and so forth. Definitely a lot of...