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    2021 Damn Dam Run SHIRTS. Youth shirts available. ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT TO ORDER

    Please put me down for: (1) 2XL Mens T (2) L Mens T (1) S Ladies T -Zack
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    Parker- Boat Fire

    @Boschma I just saw this thread and noticed the family got flown to Phx. If there is anything that locals can assist with please don't hesitate to reach out. Meals, fresh clothing, toiletries, airport rides, etc. -Zack Zack @ blingsauce.com
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    House build problem

    This X2. Lots of great input from the pros on here and I'm sure you'll get it handled tomorrow. I can share a little experience having been part of 3 real estate transactions in the past year (2 since April F-me lol) and the Phx market along with every other suburb is absolutely bananas right...
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    2021 Damn Dam Run. Updates will be posted periodically on the 1st post throughout the year. Shirt Thread now open

    Reviving this thread. I plan on making the run this year. Boated every other lake on the Colorado but never been on Mohave so this will be a 1st. Got an end slip for my friend's 36' Concept. Keep me posted with a head count as it gets closer and we'll donate a bottle of product for each boat. -Zack
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    Who’s going to Boat show / Super Cat / Desert Storm?

    Same Boat Bling Hot Sauce, Vinyl Sauce, etc product line under new banner. Just a rebrand for marketing purposes as we further diversify into markets beyond marine. Most customers, even those in our core markets had no clue who Boat Bling was anyway, they just identified with "Sauce" so we're...
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    Who’s going to Boat show / Super Cat / Desert Storm?

    All 3! Sponsor of Supercat & DS. Trailer is getting wrapped as we speak with the new Bling Sauce logo. Why? Because it's our backyard and we can't wait to catch up with friends and customers while checking out some bad ass boats! -Zack
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    Knoxville, Nashville Tenn.

    Business partners (husband & wife) moved to Lenoir City, TN outside Knoxville last Fall. They toured the country for several months visiting customers all over and loved the area so much they bought a place on the water with a dock and lift. Haven't been out there yet but my understanding is the...
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    Supercat Fest vs Desert Storm

    Looking forward to pretty much all of April! Probably pass on the dick party RD's talking about lol. We'll be there 3 weeks in a row for the boat show, Supercat, and DS. We've committed to be a VIP sponsor of Supercat plus (I think) one of the lunch runs. It's a different style of event for...
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    Boat “Bling” or Dirt “Bling”??

    Note to self, remind Carter to password protect our pre-production videos like he used to haha 😉 That video (with some minor tweaks) will be launched soon as part of a new series we've been working on. @tommygunimages and @HavasuMediaProductions risked life and limb to get some of those shots...
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    Skater 368, from the beginning.

    Getting close! Can't wait to see it in person. That folding tongue fabrication is a work of art. I've really enjoyed the detail & inside access provided throughout the build thread. The amount of hours that go into the build are mind boggling. Thanks for allowing us to follow along. -Zack
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    well I'm Sorry to make Everyone Confused Im just Trying Make friends here

    Hey Chris, thanks for introducing yourself! Even good people can be dumb so don't worry about confusing anyone, that's their problem not yours 😎 If you make it out to the Havasu boat show or Desert Storm stop by our Boat Bling trailer, ask for me and we'll hook you up with a shirt! -Zack
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    ASU Water Ski Team

    Have him reach out to us. We'll donate product to keep the boat clean and some more to raffle off and raise some $$$. Congrats on the new boat! Action will take good care of them but make sure they make early service appts. Every dealer out here is booking service months out. -Zack Zack@...
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    Phoenix area shop Recommendations

    Echoing everyone else here, Octane Marine is the Phx area go-to for performance boats. They can coordinate gel repair, trailer, etc as well. For the flooring, check out SC Wake. Octane could probably coordinate this for you also but I'm not sure who does their installs. SC wake is a SeaDek...
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    Looking for a SXS.

    Looks like their shop is close to ours. I can run by today and let you know if there is activity and get an update if possible. Hopefully just a tech issue with their site. Please send me an email with the info zack@blingsauce.com. -Zack
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    Dad's 1970 C-10 Short Bed

    Stunning & great story to go with it. I'll be at Dino's Git Down at some point. Will definitely check it out. -Zack