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    1962 Mandella

    Such a great thread. Thanks for sharing. Great job!!
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    Kawi 550 Resto

    I have recently become interested in these. Going on a houseboat trip next month. Thought it would be fun for my kid to ride.
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    ATTN Pilots. Need Input On What To Plane Buy

    I recently bought the Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset. Very happy with it. I'm also poking around at planes. So many options. I'm still trying to decide between low or high wing. A turbo 182RG is looking pretty interesting at the moment.
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    '70 Howard Wood Deck

    Looking great Bob.
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    Plane stuff

    Thanks for posting. I am currently going through flight training as well. I am loving it so far. Been looking at planes and still trying to figure it all out. Your plane is beautiful.
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    Knoxville, Nashville Tenn.

    I think you will find a lot more car racing than boats. Big sprint car race in Knoxville every year. Knoxville Nationals.
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    Clearlake CA

    Some areas are better than others for sure. We are in a nice little place called Kono Tayee Estates. Quiet and not a bunch of tweakers. There is also Buckingham which is a nice spot.
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    Clearlake CA

    The water level is at record lows right now. My in laws have a place there. Mother in law says she has not seen it this low as long as she has been going. That started in 1970. The house is on the water in a small inlet. You can not get in there currently.
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    This trailer works great for our dirt bikes. I can get 4 bikes in it. Like others have mentioned, I want to add a water tank for a pressure washer. Underneath would be preferable.
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    SOLD - 2015 Chevrolet SS

    No, not at this time.