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    Stoker resurection

    Still plugging away.. non skid logo and floor patches: An ode to the Schiada guys and usefulness of non skid:
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    Any RDP'ers hacked lately?

    I have had mine set to 0$ notifications for the past 3 yrs ( after my car was ransacked overnight) 0$ let's you know of the " soft test" approval for 0$ to confirm the card info is good.. it's the next charge I worry about.
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    Any RDP'ers hacked lately?

    Probably a bit late to the party, but here goes.. A week ago had 4 UBER charges on my card out of state. 1 was in the Netherlands no less. Cancelled the card and got new ones with different acct. numbers. Made 3 charges this week, utilities, Xfinity ECT. Last night got another UBER charge...
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    Stoker resurection

    Using DuraTec.. Most of the tunnel has 2 coats except for the rear compartment. haven't final sanded the floor yet to prep it. Not going to put carpet back in. Going to use "Sofsand" in maroon gel. Strategically of course so that the cleared balsa floor will be visible around the non skid areas...
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    Project StressEliminator Restomod-23 Daytona

    Like others on here I've been watching this for a long time. In a way it's given me confidence to tackle my rebuild. Love your work..AND.. the posts of how real life sometimes gets in the way.
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    Stoker resurection

    Coosa question: Honestly? Stuff is pretty easy to work with. Yes., Dusty. Wear a mask when I cut and sand. Goes thru blades. I am thoroughly against putting wood back in this boat. It won't absorb water or rot. Boat is an 87. The transom had lag boats in it , cracked everywhere across the...
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    Stoker resurection

    I owned the 527 Vector for close to 20 years. We had our ups and downs together but I always wanted a 22 Stoker. Having a family with 3 kids the Hallett was an awesome boat but never really suited our needs. Lost my job way back when, sold it ( and my truck) and started looking for a 2 2 when...
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    Check out my wiener

    Hopefully the RDP faithful know that click bait posts.. I e " wiener".. means " check our my new Dog". OR. the typical post of a Dodger Dog... Nice pup!
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    Oh-oh, Traeger Trouble

    What's the temp setting? Is it cold out? Some pellet smokers aren't happy under 180 or so.. the fire goes out.. temp sensor or ignitor rod as stated if you have a persistent problem of it going out.. Usually they are the cheapest part of the unit
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    Weber Smoke Fire

    Because the dripping DO NOT go into the burn pot... I can take pics to show you ???? I am a Weber Alliance dealer.. of course I've " seen one" Never said " in the pot" By the pot, either side.. Yes, they work but are poorly designed... I don't appreciate a manufacturer selling me a product...
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    Weber Smoke Fire

    Weber tried but got this one wrong... Pellet grills are basically smokers .. not designed to get "searing hot" like a gas or charcoal unit AND the industry should leave it at that. Keep the Smoke fire CLEAN or it will start on fire. The Weber "flavorizor bar" design didnt carry over to their...
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    HO Vertical Air - CLONED!

    Take a measurement of all ( or some) of your play skis from the heel of your front binding.. divide it by the overall length of the ski.. you'll get a .44 or ..437 or whatever... It's the number that you're comfortable at, ski wise. Everyone is different.. don't forget that.. Guys like Mawer...
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    RDP'S "What are you working on?"

    8 months in rebuilding a 22 Stoker... Nights and weekends.. OMG Abused Transom: Almost needed a Jackhammer.. Air hammer worked tho: 3 layers 3/4 Coosa 26- Some Balsa for the cool factor- Tabbed in: Some Gel and Duratec testing- Starting on the floor this week:
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    Any play skis for sale

    Make one: