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    Need recomendation on classic stereo repair

    This is who I go to. His name is Bobby. He repaired my Yamaha receiver, JVC cassette deck and a TEAC reel to reel. I also purchased a Marantz receiver from him. I’ve had no problems, and he stands behind his work. Their is a six to eight week turnaround, he’s super busy. I’ve been into stereo...
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    Calling all Cole Boats

    Yes, that is Mario in Havasu, at So Cal Speed & Marine. I don’t know when he started with Jim Cole, at Cole Boats, however he was there during our 250 build in 1999.
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    Calling all Cole Boats

    Mario of So -Cal - Speed & Marine
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    Calling all Cole Boats

    One weekend my wife and I went out to see our boat being built, Jim Cole asked if I would like a jacket, I said sure, assuming he was giving it to me. Later when we picked up our boat with final paper work, sure enough on the invoice, there it was, a jacket priced out. Jim, he didn’t give much...
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    Calling all Cole Boats

    Got this jacket from Jim Cole in 99 when I bought my 250
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    Cole V drive

    Looks different to me
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    Calling all Cole Boats

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    Havasu MVD closed?

    You have to call and make an appointment
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    Tim McDonald

    Last time I served jury duty in Kingman. The trial I was on most of the people were from Bullhead and Havasu.
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    Tim McDonald

    After sitting on 11 jury trials in my lifetime, only one ended in a hung jury. I even sat on a jury with that same judge in that same court room 5 or 6 months ago, in an assault case. We found him guilty. I will say, when you. Get 12 people in a jury room, anything can happen. The defense only...
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    Tim McDonald

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    High Blood Pressure**ADVISE NEEDED**

    I've been taking high blood pressure medication for 26 years. High blood pressure isn't something you should take lightly. You could be the most fit person and still need to take medication. In my case is genetics, my grandparents, parents and siblings had high blood pressure. One of my young...
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    Reset: Pet Medical Insurance. Any takes?

    If you only have one dog, it may be worth it. But what happens when you have two, three even four dogs? It can get quite costly. For every dog that has a very expensive vet procedure, I'd say there are 9 dogs that don't. Just my opinion.
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    Dealing with age....

    Like this one - " Do not regret growing older, It's a privilege denied to many "
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    Current boat with specs! (I/o, pontoon, bass boat, kayak, anything you currently have)

    1999 Cole 250, that I had built. A 1991 Cole Superhawk that I found in Needles about 4 years ago, that wasn't being used much. A 1985 Miller V Drive, that I found in Paradise California, I drove 1400 miles round trip from Havasu and acquired it from the original owner. I feel I saved that boat...