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    RDP Braintrust. What Would You Do? Sell, Buy, Rent? 2021 prediction?

    I recall a bout 5 years ago friends asking if Vegas will go in the tank again, they were considering buying. They passed thinking it "might have another dip", IT AN'T GOING TO happen anytime soon. So here we are 5 years later and housing prices in Vegas are up 30% to 50%.
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    Is there a party at RD's house this week?

    Bpi had a little event a few weeks ago, part Time in Vegas!
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    Tony Hsieh RIP

    Truly sad, he was a rising star in Las Vegas, some amazing ideas and loved by all.
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    Anybody here bidding for this Jag XJ220 on bringatrailer?

    A very historic piece of automotive history
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    Can a HELLCAT do a burnout?

    I love the John Force style at 14 seconds
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    A young John Force, classic crash and IV

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    Auto insurance ... what companies don’t suck?

    Had Mercury for 20 years, no issues. I have American Modern with $$$ cars, no claims.
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    Auto insurance ... what companies don’t suck?

    Insurance companies are not a quick turnaround especially under this pandemic. Remember you made a claim that doesn’t mean they’re going to pay for it and I’m not questioning the authenticity of your claim but that’s exactly what it is. I’ve been on the outside gun for hire SIU side for 20...
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    Scott Peterson

    it could be one billion $$$, only in CALI! How inmates pulled off huge California unemployment scam | The Sacramento Bee (sacbee.com)
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    Is it for sale yet?
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    Looking at a 2020 Durango RT...

    Just man up and order the hellcat version for 2021.
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    LA County shutting down ALL dining at restaurants Wednesday for 3 weeks

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    Coffee Maker or K Cup Machine?

    The Cuisnarts break and the grinder ones get moisture inside, the Breville does not. A much better designed system, and they do make it in a glass heated carafe if you like that...
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    Coffee Maker or K Cup Machine?

    I have a Jura too, mainly use it for quick cups for guests in the evening and cappachino.
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    Coffee Maker or K Cup Machine?

    This is the best everyday coffee maker I have used. I have had it 1 year, works perfect, put hot water in the carafe, then dump it out to pre warm and coffee stays hot for 1-2 hours. Easy to clean, all stainless. One of the highest rated coffee units on the market. I believe it is about the...