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    CPA - Tax preparer referral

    We have a good guy he’s in Westminster always reachable fair price and Indian dude and he really gets it. Let me know if you wanna shoot I posted them for tomorrow.
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    Concrete work in Vegas

    A 30’ x 45’ is huge, so at least 14’ tall? If that’s the case the illustration your first had showed something prefab at steel with a roll formed steel even better if you can get aluminum because It won’t rust from the top would be your most economical way. I’m assuming you’re probably going...
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    Dirtbag dead, Trooper down, prayers

    The victim is a 13 year veteran of the Nevada highway patrol and he’s not doing very well this is gonna be a tough battle. Still not a lot of details but whoever the suspect was they lit them up like that shooting gallery at Knotts.
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    FUCK! RIP Dusty Hill 😢

    Sharp dressed man RIP
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    Concrete work in Vegas

    What size of an RV cover you’re looking at specifically how tall too? Me see if my material is compatible.
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    Mini - Split AC

    Have a pro do it, needs to be pumped down and a correct charge. Running in my Vegas garage now, maintains 77 degrees in the Summer.
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    Never bring a rock to a gunfight, wait say that again.

    That’s what they do in Indonesia swift justice
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    Anyone waiting for a C8 Corvette?

    Corvette has had many parts supplier issues, sad.
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    Anyone waiting for a C8 Corvette?

    I’ll take that GT350, never sell it!!!! Ford nail It with that car, superior balance and horsepower.
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    Anyone waiting for a C8 Corvette?

    Not to jump off of my C8 theme, but on the Lambo AV 12 cylinder. I would have never though I could ride in much less afford to own a 12 cylinder Lambo. I will just say this, the experience is euphoria beyond belief, NO radio on, ( although the sound system is 1,000 watts) ,just an insane sound...
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    Anyone waiting for a C8 Corvette?

    Like many sports car owners we have around group this group is fabulous it’s much more than a car it’s who you hang out with look at all of our events https://www.socallca.com/
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    Yo suckas.....Costco deal...can lights...

    These need to be on dimmers in many cases, very bright.
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    Parker big boobs...

    There’s a lot a pontoon boats on the river if that counts.
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    Yo suckas.....Costco deal...can lights...

    I’ve been using those for almost 2 years now retrofit and all my rentals you can’t beat the deal they’re excellent
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    Getting hammered!

    But in North Las Vegas area in the northwest said he has wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour now