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    Insurance guy on the boards?

    Give us a call be glad to help out. 949-632-4500. Brad Bstern@farmersagent.com
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    CA closing 30% water and Land use by 2030

    Any one else get this from Boat US.
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    New insurance

    Give us a call be glad to help you out. 949-632-4500 Brad. Stern insurance.
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    Saddleback ridge fire home rebuild insurance issue

    Call your agent and let them know whats going on.
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    Saddleback ridge fire home rebuild insurance issue

    That doesn't sound right at all. Ask for a different claims adjuster. Supervisor etc... Have her call the agent and get them involved. Some companies try to get away with doing/paying as little as possible. What company?
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    Pretty Awesome Sunday with the Kids

    So cool cant wait to do that with my kids.
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    First 27' Speedster Walk Off bow twin 400R Silver Blue Black

    I love the color and design of this boat!!
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    Needing Fabrication Guy in Parker

    I have used the guy on the corner of the 95 and riverside drive. Good welds. His shop is called the weld shop.
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    Fighter Jets in OC?

    Anyone else hear/see the jets in OC know whats going on?
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    Boat Insurance

    Hi Dan, Sorry about the miss communication. When we emailed you had mentioned you were already with Foremost. I had asked what was your reason for shopping never heard back. Again sorry for the miss communication. Brad
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    Boat Insurance

    I advertise here. Give us a call and we can help you out 949-632-4500 Brad.
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    F**K RTIC Coolers!

    Is the cooler air tight? Could this be caused by pressure building inside forcing the hings to break like that?
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    Storm rolling in from the North

    Where is that?
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    Firehose Dog Toys

    The rubber JW bone is the only one that last with my dog. This is about a year old.
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    Insurance, time to renew

    Thanks Nick was great working with you today. See you at DS this week.