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    Time for new TV.

    So Video Only has 65" Samsung QLED for $949. What's the deal with QLED? Never heard of it before. I do hope Samsung TVs are better than their Refridgeraters.
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    Time for new TV.

    Well our 12 year old 55" Panasonic bit the bullet. Probably going to 65" for replacement. What's good for around $1K. Don't need the baller deal just want opinions on what's good and what sucks. Thanks
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    Need a job

    Should we send this to the Walmart chick?
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    Fer A Cheval: a mobile bar build thread

    The rims and the gold trim really finish off the look.
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    Fuk management and fuk this job, I quit

    Now I have to watch it again.
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    Do they sell tickets?
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    Just looked at a recipe for Santa Maria rub. Salt, pepper and garlic powder. Any thing else is optional. Sounds like most of the rubs that I have in the cabinet.
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    Another tip is that the grain is easier to see before the meat is cooked. A few well placed tooth pics can help find the cut and directions after it's cooked.
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    Tri tip is a CALIFORNIA meat.

    My wife had the same experience when visiting family in North Carolina. My thinking is that all cows have the same meat so it has to just have a different name or it just goes into hamburger on the east coast.
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    The end of an era

    Yup. Stay on the couch for a few days or a week.
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    Annual Sept fishing trip to Raystown lake

    I had to check out those batteries. They are very proud of that product.
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    Leaf filters on rain gutters.

    Who has them? What works? What doesn't?
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    Med Alert?

    I got my mom the one that has built in fall detection so in case she gets a bump on the head when she falls or just doesn't remember to push the button the medic alert company still gets the call and can send emergency services. I also changed my Mom's door lock to the dead bolt with the push...
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    Labor Day Weekend Lake Havasu Recap Video

    That's about what the Sac Delta looked like on Saturday. Seems like bigger boats and motors every time I go out.
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    Went To A Barn Dance...

    If we had those in our town we would be regulars.