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    60 Minutes Sunday Evening will be Lake Mead water drought

    I to used to like watching 60min. Not anymore!! From what I read in some of the posts. I thought the issue was there releasing more water then they need to. I have a place at the lower river and each summer for years there was always sandbar and sand for the kids. Last few years little to...
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    Constant Verizon problems, is there any recourse?

    Have a picture of the tower? What side faces your house? If you wake up very early does it work better? Might be a user load issue? I know at my house early am things work better then as people wake up it slows down. I’m on a microwave link..
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    RD forum “search” feature suggestion?

    I found when I search for things I get a lot of old posts that seems to show up first. Is there anyway to set search to automatically show the most recent posts first and older posts further down? Example I was searching for Netflix movie suggestions and I’ll seeing older posts first. It...
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    Starting business in Poway

    I’m in Poway. Look up Ted Cuthbert he specializes in Poway and is a good guy.
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    So now what's your excuse gonna be??

    Some things is not right with whats happening. They all spoke badly about the vaccine and then suddenly its great. Certain gov staff are not required to get it! Why is that ok? They are also making impossible to get any alternative medicines to help with Covid? Why? Hydrochloroquine...
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    Bug Out cabin locations and ideas?

    Damn I was looking for location suggestions and I got more comments about how screwed we all are and well never make it out alive.. LOLZ.. Damnnnnn The bug out idea was am in advance thought not after the fact. It was more a location away from the masses and surrounded by patriots. I built...
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    Can We talk Howards for a second? I mean DDDAAAAYYYUUUMMM

    Damnnnnn never even saw maxed out post this for sale? This is the kinda but that might make you write a check for. Did it sell before they even posted it?? Very sexy
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    Bug Out cabin locations and ideas?

    I have a couple of these in the garage with fuel and water. I keep them full and can move to the car if needed. https://www.wurxcontainers.com/fuel
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    Bug Out cabin locations and ideas?

    Yea I agree.. A part of the thought was to head to the house is Yuma first. My hope is to beat the crowds :-) since I am retired and all I do is monitor the bullshit situation. Then from yuma head to this location if needed. Hoping for a location with fresh water/ fishing/ hunting.
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    Bug Out cabin locations and ideas?

    As long as you can feed it fuel you can keep moving!!! I probably watched Mad Max a few to many times.
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    Bug Out cabin locations and ideas?

    I live in San Diego area / Poway now. I have a home in Yuma at the River and it is an option as the park my house is in is full of like minded people. I would like use it more then just a bug out location and this is part of the consideration. I believe all three states mentioned have better...
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    Bug Out cabin locations and ideas?

    I am not really liking the way things are going in the country right now.. Has me thinking about getting out of Cali but all my family and friends are here and to be honest its hard to tell what state to even consider moving to for many diffrent reasons. I was thinking it might not be a bad...
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    Anyone had a boat buyer come back 4 months later wanting a refund?

    Have his phone number? Heres an idea.. Hell be to busy to bug you after this..
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    Investment ideas with 100k…

    What about something like this??
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    Lake Orville out of water?

    Lower river has been super high for along time now. There is a couple threads talking about this. Sounds like there releasing water to spit others.. political and poor management happening in front of our faces..