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    AO Soft-Sided Cooler Repair

    Super Patch by Park Tool. Amazon or any good bike shop. Held up for 10 years on my AO Cooler, and then replaced patch with a new one. Super Patch Kit
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    Pretty good article on the housing craze...

    We rarely saw my wife’s parents (her mom was 1.5hrs away, her dad was 30 minutes). Saw my side 3-4x a year (my mom a few times more). I just couldn’t see the value in staying put for 5 to 10 total days worth of visits a year. Flights/road trips could make those visits happen from Texas. So...
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    Party time heading to LOTO

    Subscribed! You and @Tank have some of the best ‘in the trenches’ real-time reporting and pics of events!
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    Johnson Family vacation!

    did you go see the Evel Knievel jump site just at the end of this pic? We stop at the falls in 2017. I didn’t know this was the actual spot but saw it on a sign there while walking around. Cool surprise! Awesome trip. Thanks for taking us along…
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    With a Roth 401k, there is no income limitation. As a result, the back door terminology. With our 401k, any combination of pre-tax and Roth up to IRS 401k limit is allowed and subject to company match (5%). Beyond the IRS 401k limit, you can then contribute additional after tax dollars and...
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    Smoker Recommendations

    I have this one as well. Works great!
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    2021 Stock Market

    I’m selling 50% of remaining at $500 and other 50% at $1000/share. Lol. Maybe sell a bit at $100, if it gets there. 🚀🤷‍♂️
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    House build problem

    We just spent a year, and over 50 appointments getting our new home to where it should have been on closing day. Almost every trade had to come back, and they all were hacks! In a hurry to do crap work, only to come back out to redo the work. Only one firm, which was just a general house...
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    AAA vs Good Sam's roadside while towing.

    AAA towed my 1971 Chevelle and 1971 Sanger flatbottom when the distributor went out in the Chevelle. North of Chowchilla to Southeast of Fresno. That’s the only trailering experience I have. AAA Premier. The story of not being able to ride in the AAA tow truck has never happened to me. I’ve...
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    2021 Stock Market

    I sold 35 shrs of AMC @ $31.75 and going to let remaining 20 ride for a bit. Wanted to take profits and also make up for GME and NOK losses.
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    Possible Vin inlet pics:

    Nothing a parade of dockcrushers couldn’t fix. I’m curious along with post 5, if the River comes up high enough in the late evening to float a boat in that spot?
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    Old Boat trader adds.

    Where’s the time machine to go back to that era? I miss it. As a young teenager working minimum wage then, old cars and boats were actually obtainable. Great thread!
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    El Camino build

    Thanks for posting! Yep, that’s what I’ve had my eye on for my ‘71 Chevelle. Looks great IMO. The functionality of that center screen sounds awesome.
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    El Camino build

    Mind posting a pic of the Dakota dash? Did it replace a sweep dash? Looks great. The old muscle cars look good many different ways and allow you to change things to your liking. No real wrong or right. Enjoy!
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    no more masks....per CDC

    The BS is ramping up. Santa Clara County passed an ordinance last evening stating businesses must now report vaccination status of employees who work or will work within the county. Should get interesting regarding health privacy laws. My employer had stated due to HIPPA laws, vaccination...