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    Looking for a work truck

    @LBsuperJET has a 96 powerstroke I saw mentioned in another thread for sale.
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    [WTS] 2021 Grand Design Reflection 290BH

    Very nice trailer. This is exactly what I would want if I didn’t have a toyhauler. How did you like the sumo springs? Did they make a noticeable difference?
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    What's it Worth? (No seriously...).

    I used to be on several forums, I still visit several of them occasionally. Most of them are vehicle/ boating/ off-road related, a few aren’t. All of the forums that sold to vertical scope/ internet brands, and/ or added intrusive ads went to complete shit and died. They might still exist but...
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    What's it Worth? (No seriously...).

    I don’t mind ads top and bottom, but the floating ads and ads between posts are irritating enough to keep me from visiting forums that have them.
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    Best thing to happen to the RV industry: Covid-19

    IMO, the “covid era build issues” are a unit to unit and manufacturer to manufacturer thing. My 2022 Genesis Wanderer built in late 21 is a far better built trailer with way fewer issues than the 2016 Eclipse it replaced. I have crawled all over the Genesis, and spent a couple of hours under...
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    Fire extinguisher mounts

    Lots of good choices on Amazon for cheap. I think the mount was 20 and the Extinguisher around 40- I didn’t want a red or white extinguisher.
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    New Diesel Truck

    Are you going to keep it stock? A good suspension (Carli,etc.)can make the SFA trucks ride night and day better, but you’re going to spend $3k+ to do so. If you’re keeping it stock, the IFS GM will probably ride a little better. I’m a Ram owner, and wouldn’t want a CP4 truck, but the...
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    5TH Wheel hitch install

    If you are buying a 5th wheel from a dealer, check them out for the hitch, on both of my trailers, my hitches (both BP and 5er) were cheaper from the RV dealer than buying them anywhere else. They also were also the cheapest on a B&W gooseneck hitch installed on my friends Super Duty when he...
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    Dare I ask about fishing????

    I would suggest getting a license for yourself, some of the Game and Fish Officers can be a little overzealous at times. If you are casting the rod for him, you will be considered fishing. You can get them online.
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    Ram 2500/3500 Radius Arm take off suspension parts PHX

    Free for local pickup, Phoenix (Surprise) AZ. Just removed from my 17 3500 with 50k miles, just in case someone is removing a lift, etc, will fit radius arm trucks through 18, and probably 23, I’m not sure on the part differences between the gen 4/ 4.5 trucks. 2” coil spacers with spring...
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    Smaller 5th wheel Toyhaulers

    I really like the Genesis models, and am happy with the wanderer. My ideal trailer would be the 33CK or 36CK, but the 25-30k price difference wasn’t worth it to me, and I wouldn’t be able to fit a car in front of it when it’s in the garage. In hindsight, the 29CKWL I originally wanted...
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    Race air/Parker pumpers

    From what I’ve been told, the side hose helmets don’t move air as well as the top hose. I have a 2 outlet Rugged MacAir with speed control, with top hose mount Bell Qualifiers. I usually run 3/4 speed, you feel the air, it’s not blasting- but it’s enough to keep the visors clear. At high...
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    I discovered "Howling" with My mutt LOL

    Harmonicas usually bring it out of them. We have a ton of coyotes in the desert behind our neighborhood, and a fire station nearby, when the fire trucks turn their sirens on at night, you can hear a chorus of coyotes howling along.
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    Toy hauler Reno! Again. Input welcomed/needed

    I have used the “max air” brand in both white and black, the black blocks out a little more light. I’d go with whatever matches your roof. They do block your ability to fully open your vents, but you can still open them 3-4 inches or so. I usually keep my bathroom vent open with fan running...