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    Shit is crazy right now

    I’m looking for one of these!
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    I didn’t feel a thing
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    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

    So happy about this!!!!
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    Whats everyone paying for SiriusXM?

    0 cancelled that shit a long time ago
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    My 18-year-old daughter

    Are you adopting
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    So, when will the "covid" boats be hitting the market?

    I don’t think you will see the PPP boats come up as people who did that won’t be selling them anytime soon. As far as unemployment boats. That won’t happen! They didn’t buy boats The people who bought boats had the money and are in the mid to upper middle class. Poor people don’t buy boats...
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    SXS Trail Maps App

    I make all my own trails with google maps plus exploring. All the serious guys I know run a lowrance. We’re talking top class 10 and trophy truck teams
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    Is it to early to prepare for the offroading season?

    Working on mine now as we speak
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    Desert Bash 2020:

    Signed up too, 167 poker run and 38 camping spots remaining
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    Why Does The Food Suck So Bad At Topock 66?

    Yep this place is great. Problem is it’s 10 min idle from the Islander lol
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    I think its time to look for a new job....

    A couple years ago I quit the company I worked for. This was after 10 years of being there. I hit the ceiling and could not advance any further. Couple that with taking away management so I could focus on a specialty I was good at I was unhappy with the company not wanting to grow as well which...
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    Why Does The Food Suck So Bad At Topock 66?

    My biggest gripe with topock are the docks and service. Food is alright but overpriced for what it is. Pirates, service seems much better but food sucks and is overpriced again. No docks most of the time as I beach it and take the taxi Havasu Springs has shitty docks but better food and even...
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    November UTV Ride

    You always have a seat in my ride lol
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    YMC...... oppps I mean MAGA!! Watch it

    This video is great!!!