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    [WTS] 2012 Howard 28 SCS

    What pitch prop cleaver are you running? I have the same power and drive setup trying to get comparable numbers.
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    [WTB] Cleaver Prop

    Used only one day for testing. Too big for my application. Also have the hard travel case for the prop
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    [WTB] Cleaver Prop

    I have two 5 blade cleaver props im About to sell. Feel free to text me. 951 235 2592
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    27p labbed Cutting edge 5 blade

    Bringing to Parker this upcoming holiday weekend if anyone gets in a pinch and needs to get through the weekend
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    PUPS of RDP

    My pups have expensive taste
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    27p labbed Cutting edge 5 blade

    I have a 5 blade cutting edge prop. 27p. Used as a spare for my old boat no knicks or damage just dusty $500
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    Need a septic system replaced in topock

    Hey RD I build up and sell lots out there in golden shores. I have a local guy who has all his equipment out there and does all my septic tanks. He knows his way around all the permitting if necessary and can get things done quick. His name is matt. Let me know if you need his number and I’ll...
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    Hill 15.25x34p cleaver

    That’s not bad where are you located?
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    Hill 15.25x34p cleaver

    How Much are you asking for that?
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    Hill 15.25x34p cleaver

    Is this sold?
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    [SOLD] Box Anchor

    If it’s still available text me please 951 235 2592
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    Bravo 1 prop 28P

    I have a 28 pitch bravo prop that has been my back up for the last couple of boats. No longer need it. No dings or knicks. $450 OBO. I’m in Yucaipa but headed to havasu for the weekend Saturday. Feel free to text me. 951 235 2592
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    Kid Rock sat In Laughlin…

    I have 2 extra tickets in section 101 almost perfectly center in front of the stage. I will be sitting next to these seats. I paid $200 per ticket after all the BS fees. I don’t want them to go to waste. Shoot me an RDP offer and let’s have a good time. If your offer is low I expect a bucket of...