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    Another feel good story with a happy ending...

    Too bad the cops didn’t give them a nice dose of lead vitamins.
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    Only if on a treadmill :cool:
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    Captcha…. Lol.

    Here’s the solution: Use the images from the “Good Morning” threads for the Captcha verification. It’s a win-win for everyone. I nominate @RitcheyRch to moderate this task. EDIT: @sonicss31 nominated as co-moderator. All in the name of diversity ( . ) ( . )
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    Alternative to deportation

    This warms my heart. One POS down, many more to go!
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    Remember when Trump said...

    Dildo jamboree. Noted. 🤣🤣🤣
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    I don’t pay top dollar membership fees to deal with this BS! :cool:
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    The site is back up but having problems. Trying

    I have to keep logging in every few hours. And yes the box is checked to keep me logged in. Is this a known issue? I may have missed the memo...
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    That was a good one

    Channel 9 news is showing it right now. It is the refineries flaring off.
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    That was a good one

    Some refinery is majorly flaring off south of me. I can see four giant towers of flames in the sky and they’re separated by miles. At least I hope it’s flaring...
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    That was a good one

    I’m hearing it was centered in Long Beach. It shook pretty good here in Torrance.
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    What's Up With RDP?

    Computer hack....
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    Powder coater in San Diego area

    It’s not North County, but I recently used Bradford Powder Coating in Chula Vista to powder coat the wheels for my wife’s Escalade. I drove down from Los Angeles because of their price and reputation. The wheels came out excellent and I would highly recommend them. They do everything from...
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    No words...

    Here’s an instant replay from another angle! Know any good fiberglass guys...:cool:
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    Who wants a great dog?

    You’re a good man 👍