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    Math Joke

    I’ll take it back to kindergarten.... Question: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Answer: Because 7 8 9 (For those that didn’t get it.... because seven ate nine) :cool:
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    Silicone Valley - HBO

    Erlich Bachman and Jian Yang interactions are the best.
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    Ruth bader Ginsburg dead at 87

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    Friday Night Antifa Smackdown

    This should brighten your day. Hopefully it’s not a VIN. https://2020electioncenter.com/watch?id=5f652103dc50dc07a108708b
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    Which Inmate?

    Got a link for that clip? 👍
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    How are your backing skills?

    I don’t want to brag or anything......
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    Reverend Dave confession thread

    Yes 💩🤢
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    Reverend Dave confession thread

    Father Dave, please come and bless my bathroom, for I have eaten at the China Buffet
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    Vintage Schwinn Exerciser Bike

    Blast from the past there. We had that exact same bike growing up, same color too. 👍
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    Hit em’ all in the wallet and see how quickly things change. People may sympathize with you for a game or two, but that’s all. And what do the players really think is going to be the outcome here? What’s the end game? It’s not like you’re asking for something tangible to be given or taken away...
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    Mean as f&$@!!

    And with that last picture...some people wonder why we care more about animals than humans at times. RIP Sasha. Now time to find that onion someone dropped in here....:(
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    Turtles on the river?

    I’ve only fished once or twice in my life and the one time I did it was the lower river in Blythe...and we caught one of those turtles. I believe they’re called a softshell turtle. That must be a baby because the one I caught was a bigger than my hand. Catfish were biting all day but it...
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    Labrador Retriever breeders

    Four years ago, Bella was $1350. Potterosa Puppies are in Oklahoma so we had to have her flown to L.A. which was an additional $400. Definitely not cheap but was well worth it. LeAnne (breeder) was a pleasure to deal with. She kept us informed through the whole process, from conception, to...
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    Labrador Retriever breeders

    That’s where we got our Bella. Here’s the kicker....good ol’ Milkmoney’s dog was from the same place. His pup was so good looking that we decided to get ours from them. Both dogs had the same parents, just different litters. This is our Bella Milky’s pup
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    Prisoners overtake Ware prison in Georgia

    Only in sunny California