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    Bimini top and boat cover suggestions in LA

    X2 Vince at King Kid
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    I hate making payments...

    My RDP membership....:cool:
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    New software Bugs / Fixes / Preferences

    Would be nicer to have the individual page numbers showing like the old version did instead of having to open the thread, click on the pages and then typing the page number. First World problems I know....😎
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    Kenwood speakers...

    Are the leads plugged in to the meter? :cool:
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    When Guys Order White Claw...

    It’s official.
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    Husband Advise 101

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    RDP Site upgrade this weekend

    Hey, new emojis....fuck off! :cool:
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    First post since upgrade?

    I’m offended. -1 reaction for you:cool:
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    First post since upgrade?

    Instead of “Likes” I now get “reactions”. I don’t LIKE that:rolleyes:
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    First post since upgrade?

    Do I win a prize? Emojis work:cool:
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    RDP Site upgrade this weekend

    I don’t remember voting for this upgrade....:cool:
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    2004-05 Chevy 2500 tow mirrors

    Boost Auto Parts makes the power folding tow mirrors with integrated blinkers, and you can customize them. I have a set on my 2015 Chevy 2500. Here’s the nice thing - my truck didn’t come with power folding mirrors or blinkers on them but you’re able to add those features by installing a few...
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    Affordable River Houses in a Gated Community! (BHC)

    When will the pricing be listed?
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    Which members have left RDP recently or plan on leaving and why?

    No plans on leaving here, but the attitude does get tiresome once in a while to where a break is welcomed. I’ve been around since pretty much the beginning, never really posted much, but have been a daily visitor and know most of the inside jokes and characters. I was around for the Hotboat...