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    400 HP Electric SXS, The Brawley

    Looks pretty cool, I’d buy a gas one….. would be kickass to street legal.
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    400 HP Electric SXS, The Brawley

    Does it take 4 D cell and come in bright pink 😂
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    V drive oil pan kit

    Nevermind had it backwards in my mind…..
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    V drive oil pan kit

    Flywheel forward meaning not for a boat with a transmission?
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    What Have you Guys Done when a Newborn is on the Way? (Boatless or Not?)

    I like the get a better family boat comment 🙄. Hallet 24 is a nice solid riding boat in all types of water. Keep the boat and give the new kid something to be proud of! That’s a great memory machine you have!
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    Water Ski Thread...

    Teaching them right……
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    Excuses to get out of work.........just when you thought you heard it all

    Pink eye…… Come on man!!!!
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    2018 Ram 3500 Dually Destroying Front Passenger Side Tires

    I have a shake in my driver side front that won’t go away I’m about to do my ujoints and a free spin kit to get rid of the last bullshit left on my front end. I have new thuren everything else. If your truck is eating the inside of tires I would say balljoints.
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    Hello, RDP towing police...

    Especially when the trailers longer than the “truck”
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    Blackstone griddles

    Never again will I sit in In&out’s drive through……..
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    Hello, RDP towing police...

    What’s sad is a dodge caravan probably tows more and has the same “bulletproof” powertrain 😂
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    Lake Arrowhead fire

    Thank you sir.
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    WTB: 12-15QT oil pan

    Looking for a 12-15QT oil pan for a BBC running a transmission. Pm me what you have and how much. Thank you guys!
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    Lake Arrowhead fire

    Right on, this my only form of social media though….
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    Tomorrow: A really big dick rides a really big dick...

    Where’s mini me?????????