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    Do I need a bigger truck??

    This is what you need.....
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    Chinese Exhaust Headers?

    First covid and now they’re trying to ruin boating too wtf..........
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    Bearing buddy delete.

    I don’t mind packing bearings. My boat will be used more local than anything. Good point with putting it back on to grease. Thanks for the input.
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    Bearing buddy delete.

    Wanted to remove them to run the wheels I wany actually
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    Bearing buddy delete.

    Never have really messed with them but can they be removed and be capped like a normal hub? Pros and cons? Cons I know would be not having easy access to grease. Thanks for the input
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    New Spectra 20

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    New Spectra 20

    Looks good Pat! Can’t wait to see her done!
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    New cav plates in the works

    Looking good! I start surgery on mine tomorrow night.
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    Hungarian Potato Soup w/sausage

    As I’m hungarian I will have to try this come fall. Thanks for posting.
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    Arrowhead Beer commercial

    Commercial is Hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I started fishing the lake at 2 every b-day, moved up in 94, moved off in 07 and now back. Love the history up here and always have. Hope I don’t ever have to leave again!
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    Pellet smoker, which one?

    I started with a traeger and upgraded to a Green Mountain Grill and love it! Better built, thicker steel, bigger casters, more consistent temps and now 3 other friends own GMG after eating at my house!
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    1979 Schiada RC, The Boss

    Very nice job! You should just open your own fiberglass shop! Might need one of those molds for a new project would be willing to trade beer.
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    Terrible Spectra

    Doesn’t racey have it or know where it’s at? I remember him posting some measurements
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    SCORE...... I think..... GMG Smoker

    Amazon sells the probes for cheap and the buckets are at Home Depot. I have the same one I bought mine used for 250 and it’s already paid for itself. Score for you guys!
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    2005 Dodge 2500 Value

    9-10k. Had my 4x4 lifted same year up for 12k and had a bunch of lowballers ended up keeping it.