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    I recently stopped here and had the Farmer burger and was impressed!! Not to mention you can order fried zucchini rather than fries which was awesome.
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    Parker Toon Rental

    Finally making a trip back to the old stomping grounds after being in Norcal for the past 8 years! The Delta and Tahoe are fun but it'll be great to be back in Parker. Planning on renting a toon for a day or two... Can you guys point me in the right direction? -Lance
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    What did you do TODAY no one else here did?

    Moved some rose bushes to the other side of the yard
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    New Boostpower 600 inch compound motor for RDP member 2200HP!

    Holy shit thats badass... I hope there will be a write up on this boat when its completed!
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    RDP Lake Tahoe Get Together Sept 9-10

    Ufortunately we are currently boatless, but I am a great boat bitch if anyone has an extra seat:champagne::champagne:
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    Any BMW Mechanics?

    I knew I was opening myself up with this one, so thanks fellas! Apparently, the computer sent a malfunction code which requires the entire computer to be reset regardless if the light was and is working fine. I don't get it but at least i didn't get raped to have the module replaced and it...
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    Any BMW Mechanics?

    About to pull my hair out with my wife's car, 2011 bmw 328i sedan. She comes home and says her headlight is out and i think no problem, go grab a bulb. Well after getting the current bulb out, i notice it is perfectly fine. I put it in the other headlight and works just fine. All other functions...
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    Life before cell phones

    Yep... when the only boundaries were, "Be home before the street lights are on!" With cell phones came Helicopter moms
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    Want a new 2018 Cobra Razor 230??

    Seems like a pretty good deal to me... honestly if the wife wasnt house hungry, Id be making a trip down to Cobra!:thumbup::thumbup:
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    Bullhead Bully Runs 126 MPH! Nordic 28 SS Twin 400R's

    Absolutely BA.. Looking forward to the updates!
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    Lets talk tattoos...

    Half sleeve... Fully hand tapped Polynesian tribal
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    Turbo Porsche Powered VW Bus !!

    BAD ASS!!! That would be such a blast to drive, although it would be a bit scary knowing there's nothing but some sheet metal and a steering column keeping you from ejecting/crushing you if you were to lose control.
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    Mandatory Metallica

    Agreed, then Ride the Lightning. Four horseman for favorite track!
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    Bucket List surf trip

    Round numbers I'd say your looking at about 5-7k/per person including flights for a boat trip and depending on the boat. If you want to stay at one of the surf camps ( Kandui, wavepark, macaronis) it can be less.This also depends on the time of the season you go, high season is generally from...
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    Bucket List surf trip

    Yes sir, The entire bow under the deck is twin bunks(8 beds) and two estate rooms with 2 full size bunks. There was a crew of six including a chef that cooked 3 meals a day and anything else you wanted... Fully air conditioned with two coolers and a fridge full of beer!