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    Donald just landed at SNA - John Wayne airport

    He is supposed to be in Prescott tomorrow. I wonder where he will land? Prescott airport cant be big enough is it???
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    San Andreas is going off

    YeA! Need some ocean front property in Arizona! Dont remember who's song that was?
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    My new best friend. An air fryer

    Dam! Pretty sure I got one of those in the garage in the box unopened from x-mas from my sister I think. I was thinking was another crock pot or something. Guess I better dig it out and see and try.
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    The most ridiculous steering wheel cover ever

    Seen one on a Smart Car near San Fran a while back.
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    I don’t give a shit what you say.. bad ass

    Because guys with paddle boards are GAY!
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    Antelope marina closure. Did you know?

    I worked for one for 15 years, and agree. When I started with them, was mostly tribal ran, with some non-tribal. When they decided to to go big, they were really open to the non-tribal upper management. They ended up going mostly non-tribal upper management and built an amazing new casino-hotel...
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    Friend of my dads has been a pool guy for 40+ years told me years ago after i bought my house with a pool, after having a party, alot of friends over, or a monsoon storm to dump a bag of shock in the pool that night!
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    YEP! I admit, I peed in Grads pool!
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    Cigarettes and even better in Alaska

    Wait a minute, who did Grads suck off to get back on here already???
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    AATIP, Tucker, UFO’s

    I tried to watch the other night on Prime but it said I had to pay $15???? WTF? I pay for prime already!
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    It's like guys with big lifted trucks. Small penis envy!
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    Popular food you’ve NEVER had.

    OMG, I have a Spam story for you! I never had it growing up, even all the hunting trips with my dad and his buddy that would eat it all weekend long. I would just have PBJ, or plain bread. Well, FF 10 years or so, went camping with some friends at dunes. We are packing up to leave on Sunday...
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    is there offroading at or around lake pleasant???

    The water in Pleasant comes from the Agua Fria River, not the CAP. Some water from Pleasant goes into the CAP though.
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    WOW there area lot of parked planes

    Yep. Pretty much ready to go at any time.
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    WOW there area lot of parked planes

    Good friend of mine is a supervisor in the engine shop for Delta in Atlanta. I was talking to him a couple weeks ago and he told me they (Delta) had over 560 planes parked, early retired over 100 MD88 and MD90's, and going to sell off their 18 777's.