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    Too Soon?

    We bought in Havasu in July-2020, somewhat under market at $509K , the next door, exact same house just sold for $835k.....insane. Now we under paid a bit back then and the new owners grossly overpaid, cash by the way, but it shows how nutty the market is. Ready to put our ex rental in...
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    Looking for a flat bed / utility trailer

    Try Big Tex in Beaumont, they get a lot of stock.
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    Best way to sell a car...

    Had good luck with Car Gurus.
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    Boat Storage Cost- LHC

    When will the head be operational and tenants get their own personal gate code ?
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    Distant family turns into non existent...

    leave as is for now, but if and when the death bed or funeral for your Dad comes, go....if you go and regret that is one thing, if you do not go and regret a lot harder to live with. I had a mother that never showed love and I had a terrible relationship with, but I was at her death bed when she...
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    Anyone waiting for a C8 Corvette?

    Delivery in Feb, 21. Dealer honored agreed msrp price....
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    Anyone waiting for a C8 Corvette?

    Just sold my Ferrari 360 2 days ago, have a 21 C8 and a 17 GT350, sold my 1997 Viper GTS Blue/white last Sept., and sold my 13 C6 Z06 track car the year before.....so I have had and have the best of a lot of worlds.... Do want to experience owning a 911 variant, stick non turbo GTS hits the he...
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    [WTB] Storage unit

    I am on the list for Fly-hi, the ones next to Walmart/Toyota with Stacy. But still considering other units, 13/14’X45/50‘ is what I need. LHC only....
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    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    I have the Havasu house through Progressive/Homesite, the new boat, and they quoted about $228 for 6 months....so crazy less than Geico in Cali, I am at around $440 for 6 months through Geico In Cali on the truck...This is for very good coverage ....but I do have a umbrella also. Sounds like...
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    Can I register my cars and toys in AZ???

    The MVD site does not clarify if you bring in a used vehicle from another State to register in AZ. if they apply the decending rate on the registration based on the year of vehicle, or as you State they start at msrp on a used car. I would like to register my 2016 truck in AZ. as it will be...
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    Western States Road Trip

    Subscribed, keep us updated. Hauling the boat to Key West and spending a couple of weeks there is on my list....
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    New Home Build

    Paver driveway....smart way to go, looks great ! All of it.
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    Havasu Riviera up date

    Where if there is one......do you sign up or get on the list for slips in the new Marina ?
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    Miami building collapse - Holy shit.

    this is a interesting theory on the collapse
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    Fatal accident on the upper river?

    Horrible....could of also took out the kid, the mom, etc....not saying by any means losing the dad is not bad enough but those pics make me cringe at what could of happened ! we need to change the laws, if you run from an accident NO BAIL ! Do we now need water proof camera on boats ? When shit...